Welcome to my page. Notice I am currently red on this chart. This will not stop me from growing my account and getting back in the Green. I am working on creating good habits to get there. Sizing down, taking profits, cutting losses quickly, and only entering positions that I have a clear plan for. Good luck out there.

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This man celebrates the success of his students that put in the time studying and that execute what they learn. Congrats. Love seeing this. More inspired.

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timothysykes on: Jun 12, 20 4:18 PM

Please congratulate mnollmeyer on passing $160k in profits but tell him not to get cocky:

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The #1 lesson I've learned so far from trading has to be cut your losses quickly. As much as it frustrates me this rule keeps your account from potentially hitting $0 and also teaches you to trade less if you pay attention and study. I by no means am at the place that I want to be yet as a trader but I am on my way as I study everyday and execute every week either through actual trades or paper/mental trades. Do yourselves a favor early on, if you see the market isn't moving the way you want then learn to sit on your hands and trade like a RETIRED TRADER (only trade when the best plays are available). This will save you so much heartache and money in the long run (just trust me on this one Tim is on to something when he said this).

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@kelii1318 just became a fully transparent trader today!

kelii1318 Aug 24, 19 9:25 AM

I am learning that I have bad habits that I am growing out of as I watch the trainings with Tim and team. I catch myself watching certain over and over again because I keep on catching something new from them even though Ive already watched through them once or even twice. The name of the game is getting better everyday and studying with proper execution is the vehicle that takes you on road to success.

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SabZab Jun 05, 16 8:38 PM

SabZab Jun 05, 8:37 PM For a newcomer, the transparency eliminates a ton of confusion, thank you. Have you setup specific scanning parameters to build your watch lists? Sorry for redundancy, read here regarding intro to WL creation but within TOS I have only copied 1 other user's video on creating a Mid-Squeeze, which was great. However, really enjoy your content. If your methodology on the WL is somewhat available, would love to read/watch/decipher steps. All the best, thanks TurboBob. Cheers.

Turbobob Jun 05, 16 11:20 PM

I use many sources to build my watch list. But, genreally looking for stock that have broken out or are near to breaking out. I just look at a lot of charts. I don't have a scanner that picks them out for me.

TimeFliesBuy Sep 18, 17 4:05 AM

Good video again bud, I've been in that similar situation so many times, I'm trying to hold on and maybe even add with lower highs as long as the overall trend is holding.

kelii1318 Sep 02, 19 7:33 AM

Love this video and it really helped me out with my approach to research and how to read statistics and why its important to compare that with analytical tools!

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