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Fishdogmillionaire Nov 20, 17 3:40 PM

Thanks guys, appreciate the comments, yes, i think it's going to be a case of taking a step back at market open, only focusing on one or two stocks max and following pre laid plans

Torkers Nov 20, 17 4:42 PM is also no problem for u to sign up on - pretty happy with them - now that you have done your first trade your getting the feel for it - feel the anticipation and rush - slowly but surely you will be more and more confident and you get safer and safer. This takes time - remember this is a marathon - not a sprint- Keep studying hard and im sure you will nail it eventually - GL on your journey

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huperauxano Oct 28, 17 4:27 PM

@Palmer Yeah - I don't consider it as trading for a living thus a different perspective on its seriousness. I would like to win the game however and get to the $1M prize but don't expect to feed myself off trading. Maybe if I get to success at your level my perspective shifts but for now - PLAY ON!

guskaiser Oct 28, 17 5:49 PM

@huperauxano Thank you for your comments. I made a little update in the post that specifies my definition.

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