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Turbobob Jun 03, 16 8:57 AM

Shorts to cover refers to the short interest. You take the number of shares short divided by the average daily volume and if only the shorts bought stock, that is how many days it would take them to cover. It is just an indicator of how much extra buying may be generated if a stock is moving higher and shorts need to cover to unwind their position

Turbobob Jun 03, 16 9:01 AM

Jacko - Nothing has changed from my note in the watch list.

SabZab Jun 05, 16 8:12 PM

Hey TurboBob. Finding your posts as excellent resource. Fully appreciative. I'm brand new, reading more than I remember. We traders can locate particular stocks "short volumes" day to day? Can we get that real time? At least per this post, a main strategy on the mid-squeeze longs is watching the covers, is that right? Thanks. Like your followers, enjoying your content very much. Keep it coming. All the best.

Turbobob Jun 05, 16 11:23 PM

Short interest is only reported twice per month, 15th and 30th. The short interest (days to cover) is just an indicator that if a stock gains momentum, a large short interest will contribute to the move.

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SabZab Jun 05, 16 8:38 PM

SabZab Jun 05, 8:37 PM For a newcomer, the transparency eliminates a ton of confusion, thank you. Have you setup specific scanning parameters to build your watch lists? Sorry for redundancy, read here regarding intro to WL creation but within TOS I have only copied 1 other user's video on creating a Mid-Squeeze, which was great. However, really enjoy your content. If your methodology on the WL is somewhat available, would love to read/watch/decipher steps. All the best, thanks TurboBob. Cheers.

Turbobob Jun 05, 16 11:20 PM

I use many sources to build my watch list. But, genreally looking for stock that have broken out or are near to breaking out. I just look at a lot of charts. I don't have a scanner that picks them out for me.

TimeFliesBuy Sep 18, 17 4:05 AM

Good video again bud, I've been in that similar situation so many times, I'm trying to hold on and maybe even add with lower highs as long as the overall trend is holding.

kelii1318 Sep 02, 19 7:33 AM

Love this video and it really helped me out with my approach to research and how to read statistics and why its important to compare that with analytical tools!

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