@tbohen Hello Mr. Bohen I was watching a livestream video that you did with, Mr. Huddie I noticed you were wearing a stocktotrade shirt is there anyway I could purchase one. I also enjoy watching your livestream video. Thank you Ron Harried Profit.ly name (rjharried)

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Clovis May 23, 18 9:31 PM

Wow, I love the detailed information here...Thank you and you will make the money back plus plus ;)

papajohn May 23, 18 10:49 PM

@Clovis yep for sure. I already have. I’m at new all time highs now.

Clovis May 24, 18 8:28 AM

Awesome! I just need to turn my chart around like you did...lol

SKYisDLimit May 24, 18 8:54 AM

trust me when I say be patient, I learn that I was overtrading just to trade, I was making charts to look like I wanted them to look and not allow the truth to be told. I spent about 100hrs just watch the tim video's and just stop trading. I also sold all my stock at a neg or maybe a small gain, but mostly at a neg. Hard to see that money go down the drain. Study and find your style. most of all do not follow or chase the chat rooms picks. 99.9% of the time they ae in the stock that they mentio

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Buckers Jun 04, 20 7:52 PM

Great info and insight into your thought process, Thanks Roland

Windwalzer Jul 11, 20 9:40 PM

Thank you for this lesson. Everyone makes more sense. I like the way you explain what you are looking at and for, plus why it's on your radar.

Crazey_Canuck Oct 25, 20 8:33 PM

Thanks Roland Understanding your Risk and where to and how you look to get in the trade awesome. Helps me alot Thank you

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