@profitly How do I mute new comment from a conversation I previously commented on and I am done with. I keep getting emails on new comment where I commented on months ago, how do I mute it for that particular conversation? Thanks

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LizLele Jul 16, 17 10:33 PM

Nice job! You said you are alerted to stocks- do you mean because you are watching and see the change or is there an alert system i'm unaware of? Thanks! Also how do you make your nightly watchlist? Have you covered that yet? I just happily stumbled upon your videos.

Torkers Jul 16, 17 11:07 PM

real nice and informative video!!

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Clean_Supreme Jul 12, 17 4:49 PM

@Turbobob ok thanks for input! ive been just looking at lower priced stocks due to having a small account at etrade. is it smarter to look at stocks higher in price even with a lower account?

Turbobob Jul 12, 17 5:02 PM

My theory is you cannot spend % gains, only absolute gains. So, it is irrelevant to me what % gain a stock has when I trade. I only look at absolute numbers. YOu either take big positions on cheap stocks for small moves or small positions in big stocks for big moves. Most of the stocks I trade over $10. move $.50 to $1.00 per day.

Turbobob Jul 12, 17 5:03 PM

Trade what works for you.

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@dux Please continue to post your trades. We learn from them and if goes past a week its harder to see the details of the trade in the candles.

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@Arussell125 I just wanted to say CONGRATS!! on joining the 100K club. I don't know you personally but I know of you from this site and you have been extremely hopefully to everyone. I celebrate with you on your success and wish you more success as a Trader and a person. CONGRATS again!!

Flyin777Trader Dec 08, 16 11:33 AM

Well done, Arick! You deserve it all and we all look forward to seeing you continue to profit & succeed. Thanks again for all your kind assistance and patience with those of us continually bugging you for your advice & council. Happy celebrating this milestone. Well done!

sellamiam Dec 08, 16 3:07 PM

congrats Arick, I learned a lot from your Youtube videos. is there a way to subscribe to your alerts?

erapuff Dec 08, 16 8:39 PM

Hey ARussell How did u spot IDXG today before market open? iplease?

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Cha_Ching Dec 04, 16 11:25 PM

I mean, on your screen you had 2 stocks, is that your usual setup or do you look more then that at a time?

Flyin777Trader Dec 05, 16 9:19 PM

Hey Arick. Another great video, thank you! I really found this useful. As you said - it's "easy" to look at a chart at the end of the day and say "it was OBVIOUSLY going to do THIS HERE and that's why I chose to do THAT". Seeing what you were seeing LIVE and hearing your thoughts and strategy was priceless. Just don't do it while driving! ;-)

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EuroTrader Nov 28, 16 10:24 PM

If you could only invest in one of them for tomorrow what would it be? I took big losses the past couple of days and am looking to invest in one of the stocks that you suggest to help me regain some of what i have lost. I just want to say that I've been watching your trades as of recently and i would like to congratulate you on your success and let you know that i one day aspire to be as successful as you sir! i started trading with $50 and grew it to $1,000 but sadly lost 40% of it this last we

DapperDude Nov 29, 16 2:04 AM

@EuroTrader The one that has good price action that you did your own due diligence on

tjess3 Nov 29, 16 8:42 AM

Arick, Awesome! I bungled my entry into GENE but nice work!!

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