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Drinkman Jan 10, 16 8:40 PM

glad you like the book i sent your way :)

Drinkman Jan 11, 16 10:51 AM

all of you guys should also read THE DISCIPLINED TRADER, this is an awesome sequel to TRADING IN THE ZONE. :)

DavidKl Mar 02, 16 10:52 AM

Thanks for sharing. This was insightful and a good read. :)

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Jazi Jan 09, 16 8:20 AM

Question , is TD amerritade any good ? because I am a beginner to all of this !! Crazy thing is I don''t even know how to even execute a stock. Ive watched a few of tims videos but it never shows how to buy it or sell it etc I need a little help here lol I see she charts but cant tell which broker he is using . its hard to follow

BowlesTrader5 Jan 09, 16 8:03 PM

@JWTrades TOS is okay, I would def go EtradePro

Madbash Jan 10, 16 9:46 AM

@kaziyel Tim uses Etrade Pro for all his market data, charts, level two, and price action. He hasn't always executed his trade through Etrade though, he has used other brokers for that. This year he will be executing through Etrade, but your best bet would be to watch some tutorials on whatever platform you choose to use. The Gurus don't really help with broker issues, so you may need to learn the basics on your own. Good Luck.

Jazi Jan 10, 16 11:56 AM

thank you

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cgarman Jan 04, 16 11:07 PM

I opened the margin account first to be able to short, and second so I didn't have to wait 3-5 days for the cash to settle, never to use the balance above my investment. The cash account isn't under pdt so if balance is 5000 and you use only 1000 at a time, you'll have 5 trades a week instead of 3 under pdt. If you hold overnight, pdt isn't an issue.

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timothysykes Jan 02, 16 2:56 PM

Good review, focus on transparency the most, it's tough, annoying and lots of traders are against it, but its the future, thats why you should really look up to and too both of who had solid 2015 trading profits, very trade detailed publicly...lots of people can look cool and smart on twitter, transparency of ALL trades cuts through the BS

Gregoryreyes84 Jan 02, 16 6:07 PM

Thanks for the study drive. I will be looking at it tonight!

bimasgc Jan 03, 16 2:23 AM

Hey man, I appreciate you sharing your notes. Thanks a billion.

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makbrar Dec 31, 15 4:15 PM

So if i miss the spike. I should short? It still seems too risky

Nathan_casey Dec 31, 15 4:24 PM

You need to learn first. Don't just short randomly

osirustwits Dec 31, 15 5:28 PM

@makbrar it is promoted so unless you get in before the spike youc ould be left holding the bag. If you get the promo check how much and how long it is to run for subtract 1 day to be safe. On that last day start looking for shorts if it goes red

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