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justin18 May 10, 16 6:27 PM

Same here. I entered at $0.63 then it came down to $0.59 then back up to $0.63 but it was looking a little weak to me plus i was super nervous about it so i got out. DEFINITLEY regret selling it so soon.

bigmike818 May 10, 16 10:21 PM

yes i was a lil upset to got in yesterday at $0.50 and got out at 0.53 got nervous to not I'm back in at 0.71 will see how it goes just started trading yesterday so trying to get a feel for it good luck y'all!!

Fox_Trader May 11, 16 2:57 AM

Its up right now in after hours .76 It will run tommorrow hopefully!!. And aside from that there have been many plays that i personally took profits when it hits my mark, only to double or go supernova. It will happen over and over again unless sell 1/2 or 3/4 and let the rest ride.

JohnP May 11, 16 2:58 AM

Wow, McAfee is the CEO?! I can see this continuing to go up tomorrow

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Fox_Trader May 09, 16 9:15 PM

Not a problem, Your first trades you are going to mess up ,everyone does at the beginning then you learn what not to do. Try smaller positions from now on. Once you have more experience then you can size up. Cut Losses Intelligently, Or Cut loses Quickly.

Fox_Trader May 09, 16 9:15 PM

@ Goldenboy602 check this out 117 Stock Trading Rules

Goldenboy602 May 10, 16 9:49 AM

@Jason_Raposo Luckily I'm paper trading so the loss isn't bringing me down too bad. and you forgot to link the 117 rules amigo

Fox_Trader May 10, 16 8:32 PM

lol no I didnt forget just lazy.

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timothysykes Jan 02, 16 2:56 PM

Good review, focus on transparency the most, it's tough, annoying and lots of traders are against it, but its the future, thats why you should really look up to and too both of who had solid 2015 trading profits, very trade detailed publicly...lots of people can look cool and smart on twitter, transparency of ALL trades cuts through the BS

Gregoryreyes84 Jan 02, 16 6:07 PM

Thanks for the study drive. I will be looking at it tonight!

bimasgc Jan 03, 16 2:23 AM

Hey man, I appreciate you sharing your notes. Thanks a billion.

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