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JLLOYD30 Feb 11, 16 5:14 PM

@VladGershun Even if it's not many shares you would still come out good because $PBR was priced between $50-80 during the past years and also in one month a year ago it went to $10. Oil prices are really the only thing holding it back from recovering and the Brazilian government can still increase the prices at the pump to increase flow.

lemondoo Feb 11, 16 8:36 PM

@JLLOYD You have to realize some oil companies never recovery from a downturn. I think $PBR falls under this case.

JLLOYD30 Feb 11, 16 9:08 PM

@LemonDoo QUEEEEEEEEE?!?!? Petrobras has been through corruption and scandal before and has always been corrupt. Even lived through a dictatorship. And it still hit $80 a share. Are you saying we will wake up one and Brazil will be a US territory are you mad man?

Wakko Feb 11, 16 9:42 PM

@JLLOYD You speak as you live in brazilian, or as you are a brazilian, and a brazilian that believes in the government...anyway, I told before: long time investment, small position or big position, you should be fine.

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AlpineTrader Feb 07, 16 3:31 PM

Great update video! Go Broncos!!!

togmaster Feb 07, 16 4:39 PM

Once again, terrific report and video! TGD could be a great $$$ maker!

Rollingball Feb 08, 16 10:12 AM

$TGD moving sooooo slow even with a higher volume than a couple of weeks ago.

HebrewHammer Feb 08, 16 1:14 PM

@Rollingball similar to HMY, slowly but surely over a few days/weeks. I'm swinging this until the end of the week most likely. I'd like to see this break out past $0.22

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MadMikey Jan 16, 16 9:59 PM

Yes I did. I transferred my funds out from Robinhood to ToS after trying RH for a month.

MadMikey Jan 16, 16 10:00 PM

Now that I'm out of the shitty broker, I'm trying to import the trades I did with Robinhood.

ameyd Dec 29, 16 4:48 PM

Were you able to resolve this problem? I'm having the same issue.

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kroyrunner Jan 10, 16 11:38 PM

@Legendario you're right, my ideal play would be shorting a morning push risking off the 1.50 area. if this gaps down, i'm not sure i'll btoher with it

uzcuzz Jan 11, 16 11:14 AM

Im shorting NGL but I dont know where should I exit but i know my stop loss

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timothysykes Jan 02, 16 2:56 PM

Good review, focus on transparency the most, it's tough, annoying and lots of traders are against it, but its the future, thats why you should really look up to and too both of who had solid 2015 trading profits, very trade detailed publicly...lots of people can look cool and smart on twitter, transparency of ALL trades cuts through the BS

Gregoryreyes84 Jan 02, 16 6:07 PM

Thanks for the study drive. I will be looking at it tonight!

bimasgc Jan 03, 16 2:23 AM

Hey man, I appreciate you sharing your notes. Thanks a billion.

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lemondoo Nov 25, 15 3:03 PM

and ONLY trade if all the indicators in your plan are met. Hope I helped

Raidon Nov 25, 15 4:01 PM

Takes time, i'm struggling myself. You should also upload your trades here even the bad ones. It helps yourself alot

Bet0nBlack Nov 25, 15 6:07 PM

UpNComing you may want to check one of my blogs I talk about confidence and highlight a dip strategy. confidence will come. You have a great community here Tim S started something pretty incredible. So don't drop out. Maybe follow more people 2. check out Mike G and Tim G websites and videos see if they connect better. But the most important thing is write out a "learning" plan not a trading plan. Get in the chats ask question. LEARN to win.

UpNComing Nov 25, 15 8:31 PM

Thanks for the inputs everyone. Back to the drawing board.

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kissazz Sep 06, 15 6:47 PM

Love, Love, Love it! Mr. Thomas almost sounds like me. I speak some of the similar things to individuals I work with. I'm always telling others. Felt good to be on the receiving end. I eat, sleep, breathe, think, feel and believe my dreams and goals. GREAT POST!

lemondoo Sep 06, 15 11:35 PM

Love the vibes on

doctorgss Oct 29, 15 12:42 PM

just kinda want it... doesn't cut it anymore

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Angel_ Aug 08, 15 1:45 PM

@wels1200 That's a great point: "opportunities like these will present themselves again and again." It's frustrating to miss out on huge profits. I missed out on ITEK, AQXP, and screwed myself on AVXL. But the silver lining is that I learned from it and it WILL happen again -- just gotta be prepared

newkid Aug 08, 15 1:45 PM

the resistance at that time was 3.00 - remember when people say to play even numbers :) 3.00 was that level. make sure you have calculated the risk vs reward also. I was in the same boat - had one trade left was going to buy at 3.80, but chickened out then again at 4.00. I changed plans got in at 6.00 and was out at 6.49. small gain but i still have my account:

newkid Aug 08, 15 1:46 PM

BTW my two eariler trades of the week was both losses along with the swing over night trade i had. so i was 25% for the week :)

juin Aug 08, 15 4:19 PM

Of course it can go back up but it doesn't matter. Stick to your plan no matter what.

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Deanomite Aug 03, 15 4:45 PM

Also I bought VG on thurs last week and sold it on friday for a small gain. But this may interest you. SVP Mcgonigal Graham sold 102,500 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Thursday, June 25th.

svoboda Aug 04, 15 1:11 AM

@Deanomite Thanks for the info but actually it is not so relevant because company has Float: 185.80M and market cap is 1.3B so selling 700k woth of shares is nothing serious.

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