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justin7122 Jul 09, 16 8:05 PM

I love your lists, they are great. But many of the items on your list are the same as your other lists, so it's like reading the same tips over and over. This isn't a knock just watch for duplicates.

nastya Jul 10, 16 2:10 AM

@Justinian77 I know they are the same. But it gets harder finding something new every single day, and it's never harmful to repeat what you already know. =)

millyunerr1694 Jul 10, 16 8:39 AM

that's right Nastya, I for one need to repeat the more important rules and tips to get them ingrained in my trading mentality. When in the middle of a hot trade, it's easy to forget things that could save you.

treat_rayner Jul 18, 16 11:32 AM

The same rules apply every day. Good for you if you already know them all :)

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