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AlexanderROI Aug 30, 17 5:02 PM

I am a bit disappointed with stocks performance, as of Friday of last week. They are either dead or not moving high enough or going down. :/

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$420 profit AVEO Short Stock

Entry comments: I shorted a small amount of this now 3-day runner, it's usually tough for these kinds of stocks to hold up on day #3, but VERY small position because a lot of shorts have underestimated this one, both IB and Etrade have shares to short, goal is to make 5-10%, nothing huge, but this is over-extended

Exit comments: I expected sharp drop when it got below $3, but very similar to how it acted when I shorted it a few days ago when it broke $2/share, it held up...last time it squeezed more, this time seems possible too so I play it EXTRA safe on my shorts in this speculative market...always worth a short shorting over-extended stocks for possible big morning panic, but this one also has delayed morning spikes galore so I stay safe

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masonduyvesteyn Jul 10, 17 9:57 AM

would you keep an eye on it and be looking to re-short later in the day?...or stay safe and keep out since it has not had a morning panic?

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dhollis07 Jul 08, 17 2:55 PM

I live in California My question is for an example on Friday, July seventh your 10 hot pics were posted at 6:37 AM is that Pacific time or eastern time So my question is I believe you're in Florida so did you post that at 3:37 AM ? And it showing up on my computer at Saying 6:37 AM

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Congrats to USRM morning panic dip buyers, nice comeback, possible red-to-green now above .10 again

StitchTrade1 May 02, 17 4:06 PM

was that really a morning panic? I was watching it but a .02 move is a panic when it only went back up to .10?

BigBobby May 02, 17 9:56 PM

That ".02" move was 20% for the stock

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