Another day in the positive, $929 in profits. I need to learn to hold longer on trades I know I'm 100% sure of the directions they are going. I'm still a little afraid to hold stocks from the past, but I'm doing better and better day after day. $AVEO NVFY Today's trades will be posted tomorrow @timothysykes @dux

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oswald Jul 18, 22 1:26 AM

Focus on biggest percent gainers, capture the meat of the move to build small account, when a stock takes out it's morning highs in the afternoon it can really start to ramp, Volume Volume Volume, take profits, let the stock prove itself holding at a key level, keep on watchlist, ideally wait half an hour, wait for a weak open on day 2 a pull back and consolidation, buy off of key support for good risk/reward!! Thanks Mark!!!

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Beyveh Apr 07, 19 2:55 PM

Thank you, Tim!

LizLele Apr 07, 19 6:21 PM

I like how you shared Grittani's strategy where a stock that closes below it's open, but is still up 40 percent will almost always gap down the next day. I'll look for that. I also liked how you showed the links to finding if a stock has had reverse splits in the past. Good Info! Thanks Tim!

Willbee_Rich Apr 07, 19 10:06 PM

Great visuals into the mind of the gurus and yours...Thank You Tim!!!

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ChristineB Apr 05, 19 11:42 AM

Thanks a million Tim! I'm late checking your msg, but had similar notes on these patterns. I'm finally starting to get the patterns! Thanks to all your video lessons. You definitly teach what you preach! ;)

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