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ZachR Dec 30, 17 5:16 AM

Thanks Tim b

goinhamm May 03, 9:14 AM


ZiggysMom Jul 11, 11:34 AM

Noting to have a plan and put your thoughts down on paper. G/R midday-lateday is a good short. Don't fight the trend. Near HODs tend to gap up. Weak open red to green, buy only when it's green.

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Flockstock Jul 23, 17 11:33 AM

The float is manipulated with reverse splits .. Float is decreased .. Short squeeze happens after r/s

ZiggysMom Aug 01, 1:47 PM

Noting that a 1st green day should be convincing. Volume, early shorts, good history can cause a squeeze. New lows and barely holding are not good charts. Chart, volume, technicals, fundamentals. Some play just need to prove themselves first. Good risk/reward is sooo important. Dips should not be bought near red. Have a key support level to risk off of.

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RockRobster Dec 19, 17 7:28 PM

"You're always in control of when you can get out. The problem is, most of you guys are scared to get out because you hate the feeling of getting out and being right." - Tim S.

ZiggysMom Aug 02, 1:52 PM

Noting to know yourself. Know your strengths and weakness and stay disciplined. Past performance is indicative of future returns. Time and preparation is the secret to success. For the first few years experience is what you need to focus on. Always be planning. Marathon not a sprint.

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