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Beyveh Apr 07, 19 2:55 PM

Thank you, Tim!

LizLele Apr 07, 19 6:21 PM

I like how you shared Grittani's strategy where a stock that closes below it's open, but is still up 40 percent will almost always gap down the next day. I'll look for that. I also liked how you showed the links to finding if a stock has had reverse splits in the past. Good Info! Thanks Tim!

Willbee_Rich Apr 07, 19 10:06 PM

Great visuals into the mind of the gurus and yours...Thank You Tim!!!

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ChristineB Apr 05, 19 11:42 AM

Thanks a million Tim! I'm late checking your msg, but had similar notes on these patterns. I'm finally starting to get the patterns! Thanks to all your video lessons. You definitly teach what you preach! ;)

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ZachR Dec 30, 17 4:16 AM

Thanks Tim b

goinhamm May 03, 18 9:14 AM


ZiggysMom Jul 11, 18 11:34 AM

Noting to have a plan and put your thoughts down on paper. G/R midday-lateday is a good short. Don't fight the trend. Near HODs tend to gap up. Weak open red to green, buy only when it's green.

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