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Beyveh Apr 07, 2:55 PM

Thank you, Tim!

LizLele Apr 07, 6:21 PM

I like how you shared Grittani's strategy where a stock that closes below it's open, but is still up 40 percent will almost always gap down the next day. I'll look for that. I also liked how you showed the links to finding if a stock has had reverse splits in the past. Good Info! Thanks Tim!

Willbee_Rich Apr 07, 10:06 PM

Great visuals into the mind of the gurus and yours...Thank You Tim!!!

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ZachR Dec 30, 17 5:16 AM

Thanks Tim b

goinhamm May 03, 18 9:14 AM


ZiggysMom Jul 11, 18 11:34 AM

Noting to have a plan and put your thoughts down on paper. G/R midday-lateday is a good short. Don't fight the trend. Near HODs tend to gap up. Weak open red to green, buy only when it's green.

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