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Long term hold. Been cracking for the last few days off 29 high. Cashing out.

Posted: Jun 21, 4:54 PM

Entry comments: Love the volatility with Box. Big and sharp drop across tech. Looking for lows to be solid around 18.40ish and a rebound of .40 to .50 cents at least.

Exit comments: getting toppy, and had a down open. Caching out.

Posted: Jun 09, 2:02 PM

Entry comments: Earnings beat, major year up trend.

Exit comments: was looking for 50 cents. Started to crack a little bit, so closing out for gain of 49 cents.

Posted: Jun 01, 9:51 AM

Entry comments: Chart and news

Exit comments: company being sold. Held on way to long in hopes of an acquisition at a higher price. No luck

Posted: Jan 20, 15 9:24 AM

Was looking for a late day spike that I bailed on when it broke the trend and went to the downside.

Posted: Apr 25, 12:11 PM

Entry comments: analyst upgrade, good pre market. Buying into middle of range with expected breakout. Swing trade multi day.

Exit comments: out. Made what I was looking for. new is not that strong, so will watch for more, like upcoming earnings and replay

Posted: Apr 19, 10:52 AM/ 1

held longer than expected but was looking for continued up trend

Posted: Apr 18, 11:06 AM/

Entry comments: Getting into this. IPO was yesterday, held gains fairly well. Looking for a few $s next week. Longer term trade for me.

Exit comments: Added another 1500 @8.75 bringing average cost to $960

Posted: Nov 20, 15 3:28 PM

Entry comments: News+good chart action. Expecting a breakout above pre-market highs similar to yesterday.

Exit comments: Out after the big AM spike.

Posted: Jan 05, 8:39 AM

Entry comments: news on collaboration with Servier broke at 8:00. Premarket spike broke multi month resistance Pieris to receive EUR30 million ($31.3 million USD) upfront, up to EUR324 million ($338 million) in success-based payments for PRS-332, up to EUR193 million ($201 million) in success-based payments for each of the other programs and up to double-digit royalties

Exit comments: Out, this was an add on to my other position. Break even.

Posted: Jan 05, 8:48 AM

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