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ZachR Sep 21, 17 2:22 PM

Thanks Tim. And there will always be more plays keep #LIVINGITUP!

kcmgm2000 Sep 23, 17 9:01 AM

just watched video another great lesson I think I watched every video over the past few days incredible lesson and teacher new this and so far it works follow lessons follow history and let the market come to us

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Swing trade yesterday on $AMD in 400 shares at 14.01 and out this afternoon at 14.06. I wanted more but with a small account and still learning ill take .5

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In small position long on $AMD yesterday at $13.58; held overnight and watching pre-market closely for my exit ramp...back testing the waters...and it feels good. Time to get back to studying and ramp up to TIM's CHALLENGE!

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I am a PennyStocking Silver member!! O.K. so more about myself. I have been studying about 5 years, I have been doing some trading on my own. I also, have been discovering technics on my own. I have won more on bluechip stocks than pennystocks. Overall I am probably down $350. I have made other comments about my past losers and winners. To get fully upto speed-I have won on $AMD in at $11.40 out at $12.98 with 52 shares a gain of $62.45. I loss at APTO in at $1.32 and out at $1.13 on 496 shares a loss of $94.24 $MSFT is such a small winner at $1.06 $RIGL was a big losser for me I had this one long term, in at $3.54 and sold at $2.74 with a loss of $50.37 4.4.17 I was not comfortable going to big today, so I already had one on my watchlist... ZENO in at $1.47 out at $1.67 with 482 shares with a gain of $82.48 I am currently holding SHOP, SNAP and BSGM

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