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mitnick2 Aug 11, 4:11 PM

This is a great webinar Mark.

alexcarmino Aug 12, 6:23 AM

Thank you Mark! Gonna keep grinding!

dumbtrades Aug 13, 1:23 AM

Thanks Mark for the insight of what i should be looking for , I should be buying stocks that hold near their highs and consolidating for several days with good volume and good catalyst

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I was looking at a nice 500+ day if I had covered this the same time I covered $AMD Don't get greedy, take profits ahead of your plan if there are signs of reversal. Especially a ticker like this where more shares were available.

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ZachR Sep 21, 17 2:22 PM

Thanks Tim. And there will always be more plays keep #LIVINGITUP!

kcmgm2000 Sep 23, 17 9:01 AM

just watched video another great lesson I think I watched every video over the past few days incredible lesson and teacher new this and so far it works follow lessons follow history and let the market come to us

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