karkanov2Apr 26, 16 2:48 PM

Hi Tim, Thank for this lessons..This morning you bought $SEED a 2:18 with a target of 0.20-0.40$ , but we already knew there was a very big resistance at 2,30$...would have been a better trade to wait and see if the stock when higher than 2,30$ ?? maybe you could anwser it in you webminar tomorrow. Thank you again for the teaching.

littlemoneyApr 26, 16 2:52 PM

Tim, I know my commentary is repetitive However, You deserve credit on a daily basis for all the hard work you put in on a "DAILY BASIS"..Your continued dedication Not only helps your credibility as a teacher it also helps all your subscribers become self sufficient traders. I thank you moreover I value your mentorship !!

bank_a_tronicApr 26, 16 3:43 PM

Fantastic trade, Tim! I should have held just a bit longer LOL

Belt0311Apr 26, 16 4:54 PM

Great video, thanks Tim!

GitfiddlerApr 26, 16 6:11 PM

You sold perfectly good sir

prosperholistic1Apr 26, 16 7:27 PM

Learned some good stuff from this vid. Well worth watching!

timothysykesApr 26, 16 8:51 PM

@karkanov2 2.30 acts as springboard, if it could've taken it out today it could've spiked really quick like it did last night

mbsdadApr 26, 16 8:51 PM

watched and learning!

Health4SoulApr 26, 16 10:46 PM

More time to learn and study. My time is coming because of these videos. Thanks Tim

ThatRussianApr 27, 16 2:23 PM

Awesome trades, unfortunately for me can't do that much research while at work. I guess I'll stick with earnings dip buys :p

trugreenApr 29, 16 3:01 AM

Enlightening. Thank you.

Jonk87Jun 03, 17 5:53 AM

solid trade

ritchflynnJun 21, 17 9:37 AM

Thanks Tim, great trade

FlockstockJul 09, 17 12:40 AM

Low float stocks can spike very fast .. Buy fast movers and don't wait for the breakout .... Sell a position when your target goals are reached .. Don't push the envelope by getting greedy .. Buy up-trending stock holding near highs with positive news . It could go higher .. Buy before breakouts in certain situations .. Take profits into spikes when speculative, and let earnings winners have more time

LevroneJul 09, 17 2:29 AM

Thanks Tim

STickerJul 27, 17 4:11 AM

if it hits your target you take your profit! you buy an up trending stock that is holding near its highs. You have to understand the significants of upcoming news! Thank you @timothysykes for all of your great lessons! cant stop watching them!

HaywardAug 05, 17 5:13 PM

Thanks Tim!

ZachRSep 23, 17 1:01 AM

I am learning so i will be prepared for the future opportunities

MachinistradesOct 02, 17 12:18 AM

This is an example of an ideal speculative trade. Notice there are positive indicators. $DD deal, new CEO from $DD , trending in favor of position (slight uptrend) , near technical b/o, and a future catalyst (investors meeting) that invites anticipatory buying (and nervous covering). However, price action is always most important. Having big block sellers (240k +) opposing you isn't worth the risk. Once your goals are hit, take profits. Especially on speculative trades.

YPFFFeb 27, 18 9:16 PM

Study and get better prepared.

axlkSep 19, 18 6:52 AM

Thanks Tim

CrazyWillowsFeb 27, 19 1:06 PM

SEED low float stock that can spike fast, stock had a history of spiking on news, so buying the dip in the afternoon anticipating the breakout , companies presenting at a conference likes to have new news, people buy on anticipation of the news hence the reason stocks involved in conferences move, more important than past resistance was the wall of sellers, buy an up trending stock, take profits into spikes... Thanks Tim, great lessons here...

Sylvia_ccApr 09, 19 9:56 PM

Hope is not a strategy!

piscott0306Jul 27, 19 2:34 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

HenryCraigMar 12, 20 8:21 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

dumbtradesJan 13, 1:45 AM

Thanks Tim I understand that i have to be a hard worker as a student as well

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