Small Starter in $EKSO No way I'm gonna miss out on this play again like last time. Same exact Ford partnership news. Multi Month Breakout.

AppleTree1415 Aug 07, 7:37 PM

@MattKelly82 I started small though so I actually sized in more into the panic, I know this stock has potential cause I still remember November when similar news came out.

MattKelly82 Aug 07, 7:42 PM

Sykes did a whole long story on "How to Make MIllions", I believe, all about a weekend play he banked off of. We shall see tomorrow.

AppleTree1415 Aug 07, 7:46 PM

@MattKelly82 Yeah I remember, he was on a boat filming Wall Street Warriors at the time and they made him look crazy lol.

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I would NOT short TEUM multi-month breakout, I would NOT short $ASTC now that its faded, I would NOT short $LIQT since its so low priced, I would NOT short $EKSO since big news/tweets can still come at anytime

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SKYisDLimit Mar 27, 7:40 PM

Study, study, study, I need to see the idea. To play the play, if I choose, to make the trade it's on me. thank you for the lessons, TIM

schanz Mar 27, 10:24 PM

Thank you Tim.. Great live feed today also!!

Dandrus62 Apr 11, 8:01 AM

Not trading yet. Studying and soaking in your advice. Getting anxious to dive in! Patience, however, is one of my virtues. Thank you so much for your time in making these lessons.

thePposse Apr 24, 5:32 PM

Beginning to memorize these $tickers😍

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Swing trading $EKSO and $PIR this week. $EKSO is nearing resistance around 2.00. Will hold if there is good pre-market action. Will cut if it turns out to be like the $FORD trade from earlier. $PIR bounced off its bottom so there may be a few takers at this price. Interestingly the ex CFO from $BONT was hired on earlier this month.

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