I have made an observation of my trading habits. A lot of my inability to not follow a trade plan revolves around stress. The more stress in my life the less I am likely to follow a trade plan. Simply because I want more success, to help bury the emotions. This has been toxic to my trading. I am cleaning up the mess from this toxic trading. However. I have noticed when I have a clear mind I have the ability to be focused towards trading achieving the results I want. small losses and bigger gains. The examples of stressful, over aggressive trades are SOLO, $EKSO, XSPA, where I have 10% or more loss. The trades where I have been focused and traded with a clear head and not allowed the trade to get out of hand are NEXCF, and VXRT. Does this mean I should not trade through Stressful times. No, because there are always going to be stressful time. I just need recognize for the future. That when I have periods like this, to either paper trade, or set the expectation for risk/reward a lot lower.

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$100 profit EKSO Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought some of this former runner that spiked tot he 2.30s premarket, now consolidating at 2ish, big partnership announced, needs more volume, goal is to sell in the 2.30s-2.40s

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz, failed morning spiker just like EYEN/CODX despite all of them having brief spikes, play safe when things don't go the right way, rule #1

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claydiesel407 Jan 30, 19 8:58 AM

Hey Tim! Realized I made same trade but got in at 2.02 before it went to 1.94. Had to cut losses at 1.95 but I feel good I was on right track. Should've waited for it to turn green to enter. Still learning..

aleon Jan 31, 19 8:27 PM


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