PriceActionManMay 24, 16 4:22 PM

Tim your absolutely spot on!!! we have to realistic as traders. But the pictures of cash and the fancy cars only push me further about what we as traders can achieve! thank you! Top video lesson!!! (Still watching lol) :))))

Razur333May 24, 16 4:23 PM

Thanks for being able to step up and be accountable for your actions.

Razur333May 24, 16 4:49 PM

Ironically, Almost all the points made in this video are the exact same mistakes I made trading last week. Not this week though... Hazzah!

MarketMan360May 24, 16 4:53 PM

Your passion sometimes comes off a little aggressive. However, we all appreciate your dedication & patience with your challenge students & degenerate traders in the chat room day in & day out. I'd like to see you stay with the small account to focus on giving new students the skills to be self-sufficient for life. Your aggressive passion for teaching how to trade has helped me learn the truth about stocks & has given me the inspiration to start my own business & believe in myself! Thanks Tim!

MaerskMay 24, 16 4:54 PM

great video.......

LAMTRADERMay 24, 16 4:55 PM

I prefer trading with a small account. It helps those of us with small account. Thanks for the video lesson.

mayfieldjrMay 24, 16 5:11 PM

I'm lucky to have Tim as my teacher...and the other Tim too! #real#stillworking#Bo$$-a trillion thank yous Tim S!

whenpigsflyMay 24, 16 5:12 PM

One of the best and realest video lessons to date. Keep trading that small account!

CurrentSeasMay 24, 16 5:15 PM

Continue with a small account for us wee newbies, please.

mynygiantsMay 24, 16 5:19 PM

Great video lesson about the realistic side to trading. In that vein, I hope you do not abandon your style of actually trading and alerting actual trades in your small and big accounts. I am sure it means more to everyone and has a greater impact on what you teach when you are actually alerting and teaching us about real trades you make. Pleased to see Tim Grittani and the other mods provide input in chat as well because it brings more value to chat.

Stern81May 24, 16 5:21 PM

Continue with the small account Tim....your a Great Teacher!!! Thx for being real....keep safety first....learn from the veterans and think about an action plan b4 you trade!!! It's great to play safe n back to what you say Tim...that's your comfort as students need to find our own comfort zone....keep it up....your doing great!!!

riskyronMay 24, 16 5:27 PM

Thank you for all you do teaching us and the passionate in teaching.

doug20May 24, 16 5:33 PM

Please continue using the small account. I'm starting off small as many of your students probably are and want to learn how to grow that with only being able to invest small amounts at a time. Great lesson!!

DoctorZeroMay 24, 16 5:34 PM

Thanks Tim. Please continue with the small account!

MaerskMay 24, 16 5:45 PM

more interested in small account commentary.....with a bigger account you can trade higher priced stocks that move 30c-$1 or more and involve much less risk...

haniel67May 24, 16 5:52 PM

great video! thanks for the advises!

bank_a_tronicMay 24, 16 5:53 PM

I love this vid. Thank you for everything that you do for us, Tim!

OliviaKMay 24, 16 7:00 PM

Small account trading please and more great lessons, thanks Tim for your dedication to us

JBurton19May 24, 16 7:43 PM

I think I would be more in favor of Tim trading with a larger account. I feel as if the larger scale would prove to be more of a motivation to me.

aheyward57May 24, 16 7:59 PM

Im a new student, and everything Ive learned, Ive applied in my studies, and its all paying off. Love the cars. Inspiration

11_IceMay 24, 16 8:06 PM

Whats the point of paying 150 Monthly for this subscription if the videos are also on youtube.

AllAboutTheBenjaminsMay 24, 16 8:17 PM

I like when you get angry and mean its the only way I learn ... tough love.

ObiWanKobyMay 24, 16 8:22 PM

Keep going with a small account

spositoalexMay 24, 16 8:26 PM

Great lesson. Thanks for the shout out!

quantumMay 24, 16 9:15 PM

You should continue trading with a small account>

vince76May 24, 16 9:24 PM

Again great vid. Dont change a bit. This is the best way to learn in this tough market. I can watch your vids during hours and learn everytime something new that I didnt catch the first time and apply it to my next move. Ty

LegalPimpMay 24, 16 9:31 PM

I can't believe I ever tried trading without a teacher. Muchas gracias maestro!

LifeHack90May 24, 16 9:45 PM

Top Lesson i agree!!!! Thank you very much and keep trading with your small account please it definitely helps me learn and build confidence!

CprgeeMay 24, 16 9:46 PM

Thanks kindly, Tim.

SumrgirlMay 24, 16 10:10 PM

It's only been 2 weeks now, and I appreciate all the video lessons, trades, tweets, pics, chats, etc! Learning Learnig and More Learning for me, but I do see patterns developing every single day! My eyes are Wide Open, keeping in my trading that Small Losses are the key to my success!!! Your teachings are sooooo Real, I'm hearing your voice in my sleep!!! LOL

jesse2gunzzMay 24, 16 11:00 PM

keep the small account. i like seeing you frustrated with the PDT rule and it keeps the motivation up!

AlferdausMay 24, 16 11:05 PM

Hey Tim, I missed the swearing on this video, you should keep your style of teaching. You're just like an army bootcamp drill instructor, that train us for success. Thank you for being the mentor you never had.

Deucedaniels82May 24, 16 11:30 PM

Keep trading with a small account Tim!

CrimsonTideTradesMay 24, 16 11:37 PM

Great video Tim Thanks for sharing the knowledge and guiding the process . btw, stick with the small account

timothysykesMay 24, 16 11:51 PM

@11_Ice only some are on Youtube, the vast majority of 3,800 video lessons are only on Profitly

MichaelzurnMay 24, 16 11:59 PM

I have recently discovered your trading and teaching and Im extreamly excited about the ability to learn and grow witb your teaching. I appreciate you trading with a smaller account! I am so excited about this that I have shared you with my family. We are getting together on Thursday to come up with a time to meet each week and learn together. Thank you for all you do and also your humbleness to apologize for your attitude.

MauiBoyMay 25, 16 12:31 AM

Great lesson Tim, I have been struggling lately and I won't quit studying and these types of lessons really help keep me motivated!

tradern9999May 25, 16 12:46 AM

Keep the small account please. We newbies can relate our own trading better that way. You could even trade smaller share numbers sometimes. I watch your videos for their learning value and also for their overall inspiration.

ChaddoMay 25, 16 1:07 AM

Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge of Penny Stock trading Tim, you are changing lives for the better. I'm currently learning under another 2 masters in totally different subjects. I have observed them at times to also get frustrated. Perfectly normal considering how passionate you are / dedicated your life is to trading. You only want the very best for your students, and it's obvious (to me) that you are doing everything you can to facilitate that. Please don't change.

MidnightTraderMay 25, 16 1:44 AM

Thanks for the lesson Tim. From my perspective, your transparency, no BS approach is exactly what we students need. While I admire you for the honesty you show in this DVD, I personally don't see that it was required. Continue transmission as you have been please. From an account size perspective, my preference would be that you continue trading from a small account to show what is possible, even for someone who admits they are not the greatest trader, in the current market.

Frank_lyMay 25, 16 3:08 AM

I think keeping the small account is the best move. Others have said it and it rings true. Since lots of us have smaller accounts, it lets us relate and we can also see how those small wins on each trade can add up.

trugreenMay 25, 16 4:42 AM

Thanks again for your insight. :)

Beerad18May 25, 16 10:55 AM

Trade with an even smaller account Tim! Start with a couple hundred. That would be insane

Cali0May 25, 16 5:01 PM

Tim, don't be sorry for ANYTHING!! You are the "Real" est, and your honesty and ability to have insight into how you feel you've been to everyone recently only serves to cement you as "THE MAN"!!! Keep being you, don't ever change!!

nathalietrades1May 25, 16 10:19 PM

Tim Thanks for being accountable and taking responsibility- Stress can make us all react and we can all relate but the best part is learning from our own actions and always is a work in progress. At least you do not BS us and that was felt in your video with your passion. Furthermore I would like to see that you trade with the small account as it is safe to say that most people that join do not have 5K to start so the small account trades are best for most of the traders to relate to and learn!

Mcopsey5May 25, 16 10:30 PM

@11_Ice You learn MUCH more by being in the chatroom and seeing everything unfold live compared to just watching the video lessons. Don't get me wrong, you need to watch the video lessons and watch the DVD's to get the framework, but it is very eye opening to be there in the chatroom and see how it goes down in real time. Great video Tim. I like seeing the small account but it would be interesting to see both a large and small together. Just food for thought. Thanks Again.

alangerMay 26, 16 3:32 AM

Loved this video from you. It was great in terms of the lesson in trading as well as your own personal message.

SharkadelicMay 26, 16 5:02 AM

I like the hypothetical trading idea....might make you more nimble

_PaperRouteMay 26, 16 11:45 AM

lol dont work too hard Tim! i would want you too keep trading with a small account. im really dedicated, this all i think about because i actually study and drilled everything into my brain. im strting soon around june 14 i already see the patterns and the scams etc because i study often i try to work harder than others.

lexramMay 26, 16 9:32 PM

Great lesson. Totally hit a chord with me Tim. Thank you. Forget what your haters say sometimes haters gonna hate. Your strategies and explanations are on point.

VetteguyMay 27, 16 10:29 PM

I love watching you grow the small account. Easier for me to relate @timothysykes.

nb_kremerMay 28, 16 11:52 AM

Need to be better at exiting a loss, and not holding days, weeks, months having my money tied up doing nothing.

ramster2k16May 28, 16 7:09 PM

you have nothing to be sorry about Good Sir! you are the best

mbsdadAug 10, 16 10:49 PM

watched and learning!

STickerDec 13, 16 9:12 AM

Thanks for the Motivation! Always trade with money, paper does not really involve the whole context of trading!

ryan_trader87May 13, 17 10:47 AM

great lesson Tim, Rome wasn't built in a day.....

Jonk87May 25, 17 7:59 AM

Thanks -

ritchflynnJun 21, 17 3:47 AM

Brilliant video lesson. The more lessons I watch, the more this sinks in.

LevroneJul 08, 17 2:02 AM

Thanks Tim

HaywardAug 01, 17 7:51 PM

Thanks Tim!

ZachRAug 30, 17 6:31 PM

Thanks Tim

Daniel_CSep 02, 17 5:33 PM

Thanks Tim. No preferences of what account you trade, just enjoying the lessons.

MachinistradesOct 03, 17 10:43 AM

Great video and commentary, couldn't agree more! Trading requires meticulous attention, but rewards those who are prepared.

dmatinOct 09, 17 8:53 PM

Good end note on this one. Time to go do some physics homework.....

YPFFNov 06, 17 10:51 PM

It's great that you trade with a small account because it helps a ton small account holders like myself. Tim I am sorry too for all the times that I have found an excuse not to study or trying to be successful by taking shortcuts. From now on, no more excuses.

Conner_TaMaderNov 29, 17 12:46 PM

Be scared when trading. Aim small, miss small. Be like a sniper and trade when the odds + pattern are in favor. $MGT is a junk stock but can keep running in this market. XGTI is spiking too but it’s low priced and speculative which can help to squeeze shorts. $AMD is an earnings winner that spiked big the previous week up to $2.40. There is massive resistance at $2.60 which it couldn’t break past the next day too. Don’t risk it o/n as it hasn’t broke out yet. Now FGD in $1.80s w/higher lows.

nedster50Dec 12, 17 4:34 PM

A small account helps much more when our accounts are smaller also, Thank You Tim

MKanjuMay 11, 18 6:16 PM

thank you for everything!! you are a great teacher

CarlitoSep 06, 18 2:06 PM

Thank you!

axlkSep 17, 18 8:05 AM

I don't care if the lesson is long or short - I want to learn from you and your other millionaire students. Sometimes it's better to be a little bit harsh otherwise some students don't get it

IrislaliSep 24, 18 6:48 AM

Thank you for the advises. I will keep studying the past as much as i can to be prepared for the future

AEXONEJan 03, 19 10:45 PM

shout out to Orange CT!

TonyG1May 11, 19 8:35 PM

Thanks Tim!

JonathanIParraSep 20, 19 4:04 AM

thanks tim , awesome lesson and i trust ya and i will stick with it ! and small account best account

HenryCraigMar 11, 20 7:14 PM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

bdriesJul 22, 20 3:23 AM

Watched. Thanks!

Matthew46Nov 25, 20 9:02 PM

Thank You Tim! BE PREPARED!!!!!!

AquazulMar 31, 3:48 AM

Great lessons.

didixiuJul 10, 12:25 AM

Thank you Tim.

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