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Turbobob May 10, 17 8:50 AM

No, the short ratio is used to determine the upward momentum (short squeeze) if there is a good catalyst.

raulmacias May 10, 17 8:57 AM

That makes much more sense now, thank you!

JohnChoque Jun 09, 17 2:12 AM

That's a new concept to me, but it seems logical, and makes me think. Thank you for your time Bob.

ZachR Mar 10, 18 8:28 PM

Thanks Bob keep up the Good Work

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Palmer Mar 15, 17 8:09 AM

@jesse2gunzz there are so many different strategies and buying options is actually not the best. i prefer to sell to collevt premium and let time erode the value and buy back at a certain % gain per the premium collected. focus on the probabilities of the trade. check into selling vertical credit spreads where risk is defined.

Palmer Mar 15, 17 8:10 AM

@INTIMIDATOR i'm hoping i won't be gone for long!

Palmer Mar 15, 17 8:11 AM

@huperauxano that's the long term plan ut when you also have to pay for a mortgage, truck, health insurance, retirement, etc....there is a lot to cover there!

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sealwg Mar 13, 17 8:17 PM

I know I want to short this, but am wondering do I need to wait for it to prove itself...I would if it were going up, therefore I think I do going down, too. It peaked at 10.54, rebounded to 9.50 after a bounce down to 8.25, closing 9.07. Seems proof enough. I would anticipate this opening, slight upside, maybe, then a plunge. I'm an fng at this, so, I suppose I'll see. Thinkorswim finger poised on the 'short' side. Does Thinkorswim give me 'reality' on I have to plan as much

jesse2gunzz Mar 13, 17 8:41 PM

this has 15k+ watchers on stock twits. theres volatility there. short and long. i wouldnt see this stock going much furthe rdown, maybe a dollar. the short side wont be as profitable because the upside is much greater. you can see the same play in AKAO right now the stock still finished green on a PO with consistent volume more than $AAPL this is an opportunity to get in before its too late. im long obv and i maybe be wong. but look at this too and match

jesse2gunzz Mar 13, 17 8:43 PM all up. TIM didnt day trade this well and i dont have his long term news letter but i hope he has put this in it

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Turbobob Feb 22, 17 10:12 PM

Shorts, days to cover is just a number that I use as a guide. Shorts don't have to cover. I find the number by dividing the reported short interest by the 100 day average volume to give me my number. (days it would take all of the shorts to ocver their position if it was average volume and they were the only buyers). Under 5, not much effect. 5-10 and associated with a catalyst, it will add momentum to the trade. Over 10 and a catalsyt, let the fireworks begin.

picard95 Feb 23, 17 7:49 AM

love your watch lists --> very simple and straight to the point

speeddemon Feb 23, 17 3:52 PM

Yup ! Awesome and thanks for sharing

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[TimAlerts] NXTD spiked last year with news of working with WV. They provided some key cradle thing I believe

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