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RWoody Sep 22, 18 8:53 PM

Thanks for your video. Hope to see more of your video's in the near future.

TwoBob Dec 29, 18 7:49 AM

Is ti not useful to know who these guru are that are leading there following into trades like these so we can track and explute this like you managed here. Thank you for sharing with us tim

zaraza Jan 20, 19 11:42 AM

Thank You Tim

redwagonrider Jul 31, 19 2:55 PM

I will not chase Guru Trade Alerts. I will watch, study, analyze, make a plan, and iterate

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@Turbobob FRTA was a good do you manage to find for stocks that have been falling since quite some days? can you share what application or parameters can one choose to scan such stocks?

Turbobob Jun 08, 17 10:29 PM

I just saw them when I was looking at charts. I knew the oil sector was being hit so I just looked at their charts.

april4 Jun 09, 17 1:08 AM


Maersk Jun 09, 17 9:21 AM

just got gagged by jerk lento....nice one though ICHR..

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Turbobob Jun 08, 17 8:40 AM

I use 4 different scanners at different setting plus I look at a lot of charts.

IceMan14 Jun 08, 17 9:07 AM

OILU and OILD are the 3x etfs. while you are making judgements on oil might as well go look at these. but they are very illiquid

Turbobob Jun 08, 17 9:18 AM

Definitely following the Oil Bear ETFs

heathlong99 Jun 08, 17 4:12 PM

$FORM just came out with pos news release....I may buy this a/h and sell into spike tomorrow morning

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[TimAlerts] $DRAM merger update around the corner..should fly once s-4/proxy gets filed in nasdaq

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