I have noticed you say you play QD almost every day, do you trade it in generally the same way everyday and what is the plan for the ticker if you don't mind me asking @morgoth2008

Iroh Jul 01, 19 5:21 PM

I have created a plan after loosing all last year, I am not backtesting and shooting for that 70%. Dux and Grattanni made 3000+ spreadsheets to proof their ideas. One more thing...the market is as hard as it has ever been because the bull market is long in the tooth and today's politics breed uncertainty and that makes things choppy. You can message me anytime... But do listen to the daily trading coach book, the trading coach pod cast (he does FOREX, but spends a lot of time on trading psycholo

Iroh Jul 01, 19 5:23 PM

oops a comment was cut off...20% is patterns, 80% is trading psychology.

Iroh Jul 01, 19 5:24 PM

Also I AM backtesting (another typo....sorry)...btw my idea goes back to Tim Sykes 1st videos...I actually discovered it on #350.

froggy2371 May 11, 21 8:22 AM

Keep trading and singles add up

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