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Arussell125 Dec 02, 16 1:50 PM

do you know what that historical volume study is by chance?

Palmer Dec 02, 16 1:52 PM

@Arussell125 if you mean the VolumeAvg... I added a 20 day average volume simple way to see if it gets consistent volume per day. might be too short of a period since a one day vol explosion can boost the avg...

Lincoln_Hawk Dec 02, 16 4:24 PM

Great info. Thanks for posting it. I've been using as a Screener but not happy with their data output.

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STicker Aug 07, 16 10:56 AM

You are an amazing trader! I have to watch this recap some more times! There is much input. Simple strategy rsiking the HOD usign lower highs for entry etc. But also taking time to mentally reboot yourself! So great!

Tomislav Jul 29, 17 2:07 PM

Very nice! Seeing your spreadsheet foundationg and the monthly reports of your effort was eye opening. Very motivational stuff! Thank you!

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I'm going to try to write blogs on Tuesdays and Fridays and take Wednesdays off. One weekday to get errands done and have a mommy day to myself.

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brechtdw Mar 28, 16 9:28 PM

Plan, Do, Check, Act =)

tomfinn92 Mar 29, 16 4:10 AM

Time for yourself and your family is extremely important. It's about balance. Good on you and will look forward to the Tue and Fri blog posts. Congrats on the 65% wins and keep it going up!

cajunkiwi Mar 29, 16 6:44 AM

Awesome, I always look forward to reading your blog posts Jane. Appreciate you taking the time to educate those of us just starting out :)

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brechtdw Mar 09, 16 8:18 PM

Hi Jane, always great to read reviews, to know what people are thinking and the 'why' behind their decisions. You refer to Tim's strategy of < the stronger stocks gapping up at open >; how does that relate to a bankrupt airline ( $RJET ). To me (the very inexperienced student) it seems weird to have "bankrupt" and "stronger stocks" in the same thought - although I know your $AAMRQ deal worked out extremely well, I would think that is for another reason than it being a strong stock. Feel free to

brechtdw Mar 09, 16 8:19 PM

I was ending with: Feel free to correct me at all times I was wrong with my thoughts =) #TheSoonerWeFailTheSoonerWeCanImprove

AirplaneJane Mar 09, 16 10:25 PM

@brechtdw even though the stock is in bankruptcy the momentum in the price action was strong for the day and closing up caused it to continue with a gap up and strength thr next day. I hope that helps to clarify what I meant.

brechtdw Mar 10, 16 4:14 AM

@AirplaneJane and when momentum turns (sell winning over bid) ... you're ready to get out, correct?

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[TimChallenge] 10% on SUNE good enough to go to bed (1,000 in @1.45 500 out at 1,50 and 500 out at 1.69) good night, go get'm tigers!

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