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Arussell125 Dec 02, 16 1:50 PM

do you know what that historical volume study is by chance?

Palmer Dec 02, 16 1:52 PM

@Arussell125 if you mean the VolumeAvg... I added a 20 day average volume simple way to see if it gets consistent volume per day. might be too short of a period since a one day vol explosion can boost the avg...

Lincoln_Hawk Dec 02, 16 4:24 PM

Great info. Thanks for posting it. I've been using as a Screener but not happy with their data output.

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I'm going to try to write blogs on Tuesdays and Fridays and take Wednesdays off. One weekday to get errands done and have a mommy day to myself.

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brechtdw Mar 28, 16 9:28 PM

Plan, Do, Check, Act =)

tomfinn92 Mar 29, 16 4:10 AM

Time for yourself and your family is extremely important. It's about balance. Good on you and will look forward to the Tue and Fri blog posts. Congrats on the 65% wins and keep it going up!

cajunkiwi Mar 29, 16 6:44 AM

Awesome, I always look forward to reading your blog posts Jane. Appreciate you taking the time to educate those of us just starting out :)

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brechtdw Mar 09, 16 8:18 PM

Hi Jane, always great to read reviews, to know what people are thinking and the 'why' behind their decisions. You refer to Tim's strategy of < the stronger stocks gapping up at open >; how does that relate to a bankrupt airline ( $RJET ). To me (the very inexperienced student) it seems weird to have "bankrupt" and "stronger stocks" in the same thought - although I know your $AAMRQ deal worked out extremely well, I would think that is for another reason than it being a strong stock. Feel free to

brechtdw Mar 09, 16 8:19 PM

I was ending with: Feel free to correct me at all times I was wrong with my thoughts =) #TheSoonerWeFailTheSoonerWeCanImprove

AirplaneJane Mar 09, 16 10:25 PM

@brechtdw even though the stock is in bankruptcy the momentum in the price action was strong for the day and closing up caused it to continue with a gap up and strength thr next day. I hope that helps to clarify what I meant.

brechtdw Mar 10, 16 4:14 AM

@AirplaneJane and when momentum turns (sell winning over bid) ... you're ready to get out, correct?

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[TimChallenge] 10% on SUNE good enough to go to bed (1,000 in @1.45 500 out at 1,50 and 500 out at 1.69) good night, go get'm tigers!

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kroyrunner Jan 14, 16 9:11 AM

@PatrickST yeah this idea is still on my radar, right now i want to focus on myself and improving my trading though since i'm having some discipline issues, so being a little more out of the spotlight and knowing i won't have a bunch of eyes on my day-to-day trades helps me mentally. so for now just stickign to monthly recaps, but this hasn't been ruled out for the future

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