[TimChallenge] Haha, wish I had taken a piece of BIND at $0.65, now down to $0.5. Very light volume traded though.


[TimChallenge] Idk if you you this news about $ACCO the other day: for now I would say this is a no play unless the volume really picks up to help this run. The article is short biased so I think long but I would like to see $ACCO a bit more volatile

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[TimChallenge] if $ACCO can break $9.46 I think this could really take off with good volume around market open; currently trading at $9.35

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[TimChallenge] Apologies if this has already been discussed, but any thoughts on $OCLS - FDA approval? It appeared on my scan this morning. Small market cap with 17.49M float..


New Blog Post on scanning for stocks

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IliaD Apr 19, 16 11:50 PM

Thanks for the blog, every bit of knowledge helps!

LRae Apr 20, 16 1:10 AM

Thank you, I also read your blog and find it very informative.

cajunkiwi Apr 21, 16 6:52 PM

An educational post Jane, thank-you. I've added a page in my charting software to highlight these studies going forward (I like to test everything :) thanks again Jane.

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