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kroyrunner Mar 08, 16 7:33 PM

@PatrickST this is far more than normal for me, i struggled with it myself haha. multiple screens help!

kroyrunner Mar 08, 16 7:35 PM

@Alohatrader i really don't treat them much differently at all, just kind of try to keep an eye on the top runners in general and get an overall feel of how strong/weak the sector is

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STicker Feb 08, 16 12:03 AM

Thanks for focusing my research!

PatrickST Feb 08, 16 3:58 AM

Hi Tim. hope you had a good weekend. I'm currently holding IMMU short from 2.40 my target was 2.15 which I just missed out on on Friday. I'm currently demo trading so happy to hold short over the weekend. My question is simply, given that the stock managed to hold a 20% gain at close should that indicate to me that there's a good chance of it continuing to hold the gains? I see a possible support level now coming in at 2.05, would you be targeting that?

kroyrunner Feb 08, 16 10:33 AM

@PatrickST congrats on the win if you've locked it in by now. i don't really think in terms of set % numbers, so i'd never assume a stock will hold up or continue to break down based off of how much it closed up or down on the day. for me it's all about the chart and the key support/resistance points i see

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PatrickST Jan 26, 16 4:18 AM

Simply put.. will you be looking to take a short on NXTD if it reaches 1.50? Using Aug 13/14 high as risk?

garcilamd Jan 26, 16 8:12 AM

Would I be able to get in on the webinar if I review the DVD today?

valiantvegan Jan 26, 16 8:19 AM

So grateful you post this for us mountain timers.

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kroyrunner Jan 14, 16 9:11 AM

@PatrickST yeah this idea is still on my radar, right now i want to focus on myself and improving my trading though since i'm having some discipline issues, so being a little more out of the spotlight and knowing i won't have a bunch of eyes on my day-to-day trades helps me mentally. so for now just stickign to monthly recaps, but this hasn't been ruled out for the future

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