@ProfitSnatcher TVIX, velocity trade, trades opposite of the market. forms new price ranges to be careful of similar to NUGT

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Jules Jun 27, 16 11:01 AM

You would do great with this one because of high volatility. And you have to money to make it relevant. It's up 50 cents now for me but in my super small account. So only have 83 shares.

ProfitSnatcher Jun 27, 16 4:20 PM

@Jules This trades violently after hours. Flipped it a few times today after seeing range pattern. Then it shot up 30 cents after 4PM. WOW!!! :)

Jules Jun 27, 16 4:53 PM

That could've foreign markets coming in. Taking advantage !

Jules Jun 27, 16 4:53 PM

Could be

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Rollingball May 14, 16 7:38 PM

@LS3VETTE we are all learning. I know I have a lot to learn for sure, but I will help anyone if I can.

MiddleTrader May 15, 16 9:25 AM

This stock downtrending since a while. I was watching this stock since a while. It spike one day or two then it dive again. the company seems don't care about their stock. the weird thing with this stock everytime they got contract and they got a lot, it goes down.

MiddleTrader May 15, 16 9:27 AM

So simply what I want to say. if the stock doesn't react to good news just ignore, or have alert when it hit certain price to watch it.

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New Blog Post about how I came to day trading seejanetrade.com

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brent_hendrix May 11, 16 1:46 AM

Nice blog post. Hopefully with discipline I'll become the trader u are.. my profits are small now with a few big ones that I've patiently wired for big news. With my portfolio growing I will take bigger positions accordingly..thanks again for the blog Jane. Ur a true mentor.

OliviaK May 11, 16 6:32 AM

How do you view your blog Jane?

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MiddleTrader May 06, 16 12:54 AM

Thanks buddy. Watch $MDRX they release earning today after close and seems good earning for Q1.

MiddleTrader May 06, 16 12:57 AM

Watch Telus as well for tomorrow T.TO ticker for Canadian, TU ticker for US. Earning was today after closing, but didn't see the report yet.

Turbobob May 06, 16 1:01 AM

I watch the price of spot oil and USO and see how energy stocks trade in comparison to the commodity. Today there was a divergence between the two.

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$1,421 profit ZN_F Long Future

Entry comments: Algo Alert. This is a trading signal generated by an Algo. This is not a buy or sell alert recommendation. Educational Algo alert. Trade your own thoughts. Buy signal by Dagger=129'21.0 (10 Year U.S. Treasury Notes = @TYM16).

Exit comments: Sell signal generated. 131'02.5

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JBains Apr 29, 16 5:10 PM

hi i want to start investing in penny stock. plz tell from where to starts

MiddleTrader May 07, 16 1:57 PM

@JBains Check out Sykes goo.gl/glchhL you can try his newsletter for two week for free

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