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dauber360 Jun 05, 17 6:22 AM

Thanks for the pointer. It looks like a terrific play to a new high. Looking at the bids on fidelity now it appears they're already looking for 54 and change. I'm gunna put in a small order for twenty at 7a to see what I catch. This will break $50 and have nowhere to go but up

Palmer Jun 05, 17 6:09 PM

Thanks guys...that was a hellofamove and it all happened pre-market. Was looking for a pulback to the mid-50's but it just didn't happen.Now it's a little too pricey to try and ride a trend and some price bars a few $ per bar even on the 1 min. Setting it aside. It will happen again somewhere worries. Hoping that LOXO continues the batttle against cancer. Too many good people taken from us becuase of it.

dauber360 Jun 05, 17 10:34 PM

Missed my mark, got scared when it popped straight to $58.30. I regret not amending my trade. Great lesson learned for not losing any money, but: no money gained is money lost.

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