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MBP Aug 30, 16 4:01 AM

In Germany we have two brokers that work with Interactive Broker, Lynx and Captraider maybe there is another Broker in Malta that works together with IB

shaunm Aug 30, 16 5:25 AM

Thanks MBP will check them out!

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cwood Jul 08, 16 12:47 PM

@Quintero77 I've been swing trading earnings winners.. Less risk, and greater reward imo since they can drift up 100-300% over a few weeks.

WKE3 Jul 08, 16 1:35 PM

@cwood so how do you find the swing winners? Tim's rules aren't showing us how to be swing traders. I have three kids and possibly a fourth in the works, a full time VP job at a small company (this means 40 hours a week would be a dream job), and I travel a good bit. Time is something I do not have. The Challenge feels more and more like it doesn't fit for me. Not necessarily money thrown away but it just doesn't work for my schedule.

Quintero77 Jul 08, 16 1:48 PM

@cwood how much did you start with? and profit? where did you learn to do so if not through sykes?

cwood Jul 11, 16 10:05 AM

@WKE3 I use a website dedicated to low priced earnings winners. send me a direct message if interested, can't post external links on @Quintero77 I learned the basics from sykes, since he's only training wheels. I don't recommend starting with less than $10k.

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