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2grasleys Jan 23, 12:15 PM

Good Lesson Mark, Thanks!!

tayhaoxia Feb 29, 1:57 AM

focus on multi day spiker with other catalyst like volume and even better when hot sector play can play a part as well

Ipanini Mar 09, 10:43 AM

Hi Mark, thank you - I'm new around here and can't seem to find the video webinar of Dec 5th 2019 that you are referring to here. Can you please enlighten me? (or anybody else that can point me to the webinar?)

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$CLVS been a bit but locked in 300 profit. this stock is my absolute favorite. my win percentage on this strong is probably nice and high and a good chunk of losers were from taking small losses to prevent taking abig hit and the winners are all nice beautiful % and $ amounts. Thanks CLVS ill Trade you as much as i can

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DeanLucas Apr 21, 4:56 AM

I like 100% bounces. Thanks Tim

kcwonnersc May 10, 3:22 PM

The morning panic is my favorite. Decn and uavs are the two I have trade and for the heck of it road them for the entire bounce with surprisingly awesome execution on both at the bottom.

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Av1Trades May 07, 10:18 PM

I like pumped up stocks that cut through stop losses like butter at open.

branwillm87 May 14, 12:27 AM

I don't like 50% bounces, I LOVE them. I like to think of it as the stock's "resetting itself", like the reset button on a video game. I will also buy some merch!

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PrairieTrader Nov 25, 19 9:45 AM

Bohen you are awesome, the steady trade podcast is what peaked my interest in learning how to trade and eventually got me to apply to the challenge. Thank you for filling in on short notice

Grimes Dec 03, 19 7:15 AM

lmaoooo hilarious stuff. good work Bohen

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