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CrazyWillows Nov 19, 5:18 AM

THAT WAS AWESOME!!! WOW I got so much good info from that, on key elements of my own trading that I have overlooked!! Thank you so much Tim for sharing this with us...

Tradale Nov 19, 10:58 AM

great video Tim, have a great day with your little one!

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started the week off with a great trade, being up quite a bit, held a terrible trade that through me off my game because i didnt understand why it wouldnt bounce(buy earnings before release, not after unless they prove to hold like $CLVS did) and today im back on my game near record profits around 1k. I see I have great potential to become an incredible trader but clearly I still need a lot of work. Big set backs like the one i had this week will postpone my progress and has potential to hurt me more when i get my account size bigger.

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what started off as a great week being up 33% total on my account is now back to being up only 5 percent, rough. Need to get my groove back. Also be careful dipbuying earnings winners, those things are buy the rumour sell the news type trade unless they can prove themselves. Currently long overnight on $CLVS, looks like it has a chance to run at opening, which would suggest a run upto 4.5-5 range, my goal is 4.7-5 to exit from a 4.25 entrance. was originally 4.08 but added on when support continued to prove to hold.

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On June 13, 2017...I bot 100 CLVS @ 61.75....then sold at 62.47, thinking what a nice profit of $72. Look at the chart...strange feeling, oh well, it could of just as easily gone south on me by a million!! -Life of a Trader

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[TimAlerts] Seems like I should have hung on to all of my big biotechs starting with "C" $CLVS and CLCD - Hot Damnnn


[TimAlerts] long 100 @ 40.50 $CLVS, the catalyst is nice and I cant see why it would go down, but this is my first o/n so somewhat stressed

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