@ProfitSnatcher Thanks it was nice profft for me....., now maybe you can help me. I got into another trade of NUGT the day it crashed and I've been stuck ever sense. I refuse to sell for such a great loss. With your experience will it come back? My next trade from here on out WILL have a STOP !!! Ugh !!

ProfitSnatcher Oct 17, 16 6:53 PM

Hi Jules. If I did not know how this bad boy moves, I would say cut your losses and move on. But it moves ten points/dollars up and ten points down when it's moving. The sector is consolidating right now It's a healthy pull back (thank god). It was moving north way too fast. Everytime I put a stop on this I was always out $10k. If you have the patience It will bounce north on this tight coiling period. This moves on geo political news and fed rates jabber. I'll let you make your decision on tha

ProfitSnatcher Oct 17, 16 6:55 PM

I sold my Disney postion instead unloading my paper gold. I have never looked back since. Even this waiting period does not bother me anymore.

Jules Oct 17, 16 7:24 PM

Thanks Hon, I'll hold then.

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