Had the time to watch $WTW into the close on 20170301 after my successful morning trade: Noted there was support at $18 but didn't want to play because I though it weak. Tim alerted that he made an entry at 1) (on picture) and sold at 2) after he hit his targets - see his trade: Later in chat he comments that people were asking him why he thought it a good buy to which his reply was that soon after open the price went past the P/M high and subsequently never went below the blue line.

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Lots of people asking me how did I spot $WTW buy zone, look for stocks to hold just above morning highs, $WTW topped out at 17.86 at 8:10am EST, then held it all afternoon

EuroLeo Mar 01, 17 2:58 PM

Awesome Tim, thank you for that tip!!!

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$1,088 profit WTW Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm using my big Interactive Brokers account dip buying this former Supernova/earnings winner on a solid multi-month breakout and nearly $2/share off its intraday highs, but just above its morning spike highs, goal is to make 50 cents/share, aim small, miss small

Exit comments: Damn that was fast, nearly hit my goals and no overnight risk...yes please, nice $1k profit to close the day for me, +$3.5k for me today and doing a Q&A webinar in 10 minutes, yeahhhhhh bull market!

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