BaumDec 30, 15 8:32 PM

Nice video good lessons. Can't wait to get my hands on your dvd's!

Dollar_boyDec 30, 15 8:42 PM

Thanks for the 2 Lesson Tuesday

smillie327Dec 30, 15 8:53 PM

Thanks Tim for another Great lesson...4 indicators of a stock bottom seen in WTW...beaten down former spiker OHGI with the January effect...AVXL classic #6 pattern all covered in your HTMM DVD which was awesome and packed with info! : )

trugreenDec 30, 15 9:00 PM

Thxs. Happy New Year everyone. Excellent.

BowlesTrader5Dec 30, 15 9:18 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Happy new year, I hope your year was great

mbsdadDec 30, 15 10:15 PM

watched and learning! Thank You Tim.

BearzRupDec 30, 15 10:19 PM

The deals are the best deals EVER! I'm glad I got the annual at such a great price. Anyone would be a fool who doesn't take advantage of it now. THANKS TIM!

BigDogDec 30, 15 11:41 PM

Great video lesson, thank you Tim!!! Just wondering The_Bearded_Trader: how he made $1240 on $3500 account, $WTW is $20 stock ;)

TheThroneDec 30, 15 11:47 PM

Once I am able to profit significantly from trading, I'll be looking to buy your DVD's.. Until then, I'm on the video lessons :) -Broke College Kid

ThatRussianDec 31, 15 2:30 AM

Great video as always, also explanation on WTW indicators.

FutureTomDec 31, 15 4:08 AM

Fantastic $WTW indicator loved it. The_Bearded_Trader is a wizard. $3500/19.32=181 shares buying power x $4.18 = $757 max gains possible and he made $1240? Shit tell us your secret bro

ToroDarylDec 31, 15 6:08 AM

Notes on indicators: Has to be recent spiker, has to have sideways price action to be judged as bottom, add to watch list after most recent spike, watch for breakout above day high

timothysykesDec 31, 15 9:46 AM

@tompumpanddump he probably used leverage

digitalsoftailDec 31, 15 4:05 PM

Excellent presentation. Reminds me to mimic and repeat!

rogerthatDec 31, 15 5:38 PM

@timothysykes when you yell at students for not watching video.. I love it. You're funny as fuck and so dedicated in making sure we really get it. So so awesome. I found you earlier this year and looking to continue my education into 2016. Thanks!

rogerthatDec 31, 15 5:39 PM

"Make some soup and put your ass in front of your computer and watch DVDs." So awesome! Lmao

Chicago777Mar 02, 16 2:37 PM

Very Educational video lesson.

STickerApr 21, 17 7:10 AM

You wait for the setup to come to you! buying dips when it breaks the multi week high + ophra news (hype..)

VanJul 09, 17 4:46 PM

There are four main indicators wen trying to find a stock has bottomed or not. First: it needs to be a recent runner. Indicator-number two: when you are tying to find a dip-buy. Where is the bottom, you want kind of want it to be side ways. The past few days have been side’s way kind of basing like a floor, this could be temporary or hold. Indicators number three: the spike! While it has been down trending gradually the spike tells you it still has some spike ability.

VanJul 09, 17 4:47 PM

When you see this initial spike on a former runner and then it comes back down. Put it on your watch list. Buying on the spike is tough because it can just come down. Watch for the following days if it can break out the days high and then buying dips on the multi day / week chart but it has to be breaking out the day highs! Then you could have another chance for a spike! The fourth indicator: is that social media started to pick up the stock story

VanJul 09, 17 4:47 PM

Those attentions can make the stock surge again because it is a former runner! Be meticulous and have a thesis to follow! Accept when you’re wrong and take those scratches like a lifetime scar lesson of what not to do or how to do it better ☺ <3 Remember it’s a war zone once the markets opens, so utilize to be a sniper aim small miss small. We will survive like in the American civil war theory!

TimeFliesBuyJul 16, 17 7:34 AM

Good to be at VL #3400 finally. Learning to grow our account exponentially, prepare, be transparent, and study like mad!

HaywardAug 29, 17 11:10 PM

Thanks Tim!

HIMMENYSep 12, 17 8:16 AM

cant believe ive watched 3,400 video lessons!

MachinistradesSep 22, 17 3:41 PM

Good to see classic patterns working all the time

Conner_TaMaderNov 06, 17 11:58 AM

“Get some Doritos and sit your ass down” best way to study haha

ZachRJan 26, 18 8:06 AM

Thanks Tim.

matt100msAug 19, 18 2:23 AM

I love the lesson; buying the multi week dip on the intracoastal day hod break. Awesome detailed lesson!

axlkApr 27, 19 12:27 PM

Thanks Tim

Taco_TuesdaysAug 09, 19 2:46 PM

Great lesson! This video does not have enough views. Thank you Tim

JonathanIParraOct 03, 19 6:39 PM

wtw , was a nice second green day on a bounce and all of these follow the holy grail of a dvd which the framework , thanks boss

piscott0306Oct 17, 19 1:59 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

HenryCraigMar 12, 9:43 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

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