[TimChallenge] ICLD 1000 in @1.00 out at .0931--> entered too late, stayed in too long, played it all wrong. Back to studying. ;( (doh)

Mongrel_Money Sep 21, 15 9:43 PM

HaHaHa!! Don't feel bad, you're not the only. I did the exact same thing with this same stock today myself. Almost identical to what you did today. And of course I made up for my loss through other plays but I was kicking myself for a while after. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

dkovestrading Sep 21, 15 10:27 PM

thanks for the input guys! gotta start over tomorrow with a fresh mind.

Ike Sep 21, 15 10:50 PM

Nice post. If it makes u feel any better, I LOST ON ATOS TODAY TOO! I feel like a noob about it but mistakes will always happen no matter how good you become. I chased it like I was a day 1 trader lol, gotta stay focused. Good luck tomorrow bro

Retire_early2020 Sep 22, 15 7:16 AM

Thanks for your transparency. Be greedy on the slow side. Work your way to a million slowly. You can slug your way to the playoffs, but pinpoint accuracy and precision keeps you in the game. Good luck today, bro. Aim small, miss small.

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historepeats Sep 12, 15 8:41 PM

Very impressive. I've been floundering in the market for about as long as you've been alive. I've always feared missing out on a good trade instead of waiting for the right trade. Your patience is a gift. I see you teaching one day just like Tim. You could share a lot.

Firefoxx Sep 13, 15 3:14 AM

Nice profit man, im just like you right now lol. 16 and have been watching vid lessons and dvds for a month now. wish for you the best of lucks bro!

teentrader Sep 13, 15 4:10 AM

@historepeats Wow that hits me dude! Maybe I will, who knows? Lol :).. Thank you again man !!

teentrader Sep 13, 15 4:12 AM

@Firefoxx Thank you man!!.. Keep at it man ! Age is regardless!... Best of luck to you too.

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