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MiddleTrader Jan 22, 16 4:34 PM

Thanks for posting your watch list.

MiddleTrader Jan 22, 16 4:43 PM

Appreciated your efforts and posting your watch list in here.

Benn117 Jan 22, 16 5:30 PM

$TROV was a great example of an overextended gap down, I missed it because I was waiting for a spike towards the previous close that didn't happen in this case. Looking back I guess I should've taken a starter pre-market to get involved.

Fox_Trader Feb 22, 16 2:43 AM

Thank you for taking the time to do watch list for us.

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[TimAlerts] CLDN at b/o level, but low volume. Will have to clear the 1.70's to really run imo


[TimAlerts] SUNE yesterday was at 5. Yeah it's kinda up and down near-term, but imo it's a clear long-term uptrend. Wouldn't want to be short, except for quick scalping.


[TimAlerts] SUNE strong, clear ascending triangle. Will b/o above 6 today imo -- not trying to predict, just looking at p/a lol

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