$810 profit VVUS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big premarket spiker/former runner that got up to the mid 4s, goal is to sell into a respike, make 5-10%, nothing huge, but this stock can get wild if the volume gets up there

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful bounce off its lows on big volume, always remember former runners, nice little gain for me, I won't get greedy

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BGoddard Aug 20, 19 3:42 PM

great play thanks Tim

CrazyWillows Aug 25, 19 5:49 AM

Dip buying a former runner that is showing strength.

oskbmb Aug 25, 19 7:05 PM

nice trade

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[TimAlerts] funny man after a year and a half I'm the exact same way, I actually recall last september you and I were chatting and sharing ideas on $VVUS i believe it was as semi-beginner traders haha cool to grow so much together in the same trading environment here- proves that Sykes and Profit.ly are totally legit if you use them the right way

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