$280 profit RAD Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent earnings winner on a big morning panic, goal is to make 40-80 cents/share on the bounce, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern like TRIL on Friday

Exit comments: Whew, that was quick and nice, small position and small $ gain, I'm not a huge fan of higher priced stocks like this, but I'll take it nonetheless, small wins like this add up and it fit my pattern to a T

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Windwalzer Dec 30, 19 9:20 PM

I look forward to trading like that someday.

Windwalzer Dec 30, 19 9:34 PM

I paper traded $RAD a few days ago (26 Dec), didn't have a lot of time so I was in got in about 17.90 and out at 18.23. Came back later and saw it had reached 19.21 and was happy I felt I was on the right track. Thank you for that.

BGoddard Dec 31, 19 10:29 PM

I have just started trading with IB after months of paper trading. Thank Tim for getting me this far.,I have just started trading With IB after mouths of paper trading. Thank you so much Tim for getting me this far.

Buckers Jan 02, 20 7:26 AM

Thanks Tim, looking forward to 2020 when I will begin to start trading. I have followed ALL advice given so far, I am enjoying the book 'beyond greed and feer', and have already bought 'the psychology of trading' and 'reminiscence of a stock trader' which I look forward to start reading very soon

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$810 profit VVUS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big premarket spiker/former runner that got up to the mid 4s, goal is to sell into a respike, make 5-10%, nothing huge, but this stock can get wild if the volume gets up there

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful bounce off its lows on big volume, always remember former runners, nice little gain for me, I won't get greedy

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BGoddard Aug 20, 19 3:42 PM

great play thanks Tim

CrazyWillows Aug 25, 19 5:49 AM

Dip buying a former runner that is showing strength.

oskbmb Aug 25, 19 7:05 PM

nice trade

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Please congratulate retweet Atiqe on another $2k in profits today https://tim.ly/2UpCOjb he's really been on fire and found his favorite patterns, let his $20,000 month out of the blue inspire you as studying pays off in the long run!

BGoddard Apr 01, 19 4:46 AM

Congratulations Atiqe will done

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