Well I completely missed MBRX and $RAD, I was watching and waiting for both to do exactly what the did today. Life happens and internet was crappy due to the storm today. I was going to either buy or short RAD depending on the merger news, I was up when it came out this morning. I came out green but not what I would like, valuable lesson learned today.

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@Turbobob Hey Bob! I wanted to get your opinion on $RAD. I was short all week under 3, but after the big Amazon purchase this weekend I got out and I am glad I did because it has spiked up nicely today. The message boards are mix matched on this one if the merger happens, and its long term chart is u-g-l-y. Wanted to see what you thought. Thanks!

Turbobob Jun 19, 17 2:05 PM

It is a 3.5 billion mkt cap so problem not one I owuld touch. But has resistance at $3.40 or under $3 would be my entry levels.

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