RodolfoOct 08, 15 5:45 PM

Thank you for another great lesson. Ego has no place in trading. Cutting losses quickly is one of the biggest components to follow to grow an account.

0010ALogisticOct 08, 15 5:48 PM

So far, it shows where is the big meal during the day!, and where are the buyers and sellers hungry, learning this keys is very important.

KG87Oct 08, 15 5:50 PM


zarka1Oct 08, 15 6:15 PM


RaidonOct 08, 15 6:20 PM

Good stuff!

EbogeyOct 08, 15 6:33 PM

Tim love the HTMM dvd and all the challenge dvd's But I really learn a bunch of extra nuances from these Video lessons. Both from you and Mark. Keep up the great work..

ChamuEL1Oct 08, 15 6:59 PM

Just signed on with you today. Have small account loaded and locked. Youre me and my families hope to earn my way into getting off the road as a truck driver and be able to stay at home and mske a great income and more..... Thankyou Rabbi(teacher) ! :)

Mars_2_3Oct 08, 15 8:17 PM

Thanks for another great lesson Tim!

StreamingmoneyOct 09, 15 12:14 AM

Another lesson learned. It is always good to learn from taking losses and taking profits.

GreenRiver15Oct 09, 15 12:54 AM

thanks Tim, your transparency is awesome

drsandraOct 09, 15 1:43 PM

Good lesson. Watched it. Still learning. Going through a weird phase myself. Still finding a groove. WGBS was weak in magnitude and didn't last as many days as it should

DrinkmanOct 09, 15 5:24 PM

thank you Tim, keep studying and don't give up no matter how many times ur wrong, that's what trading is all about.

DecensteveOct 09, 15 7:13 PM

Short a morning spike that Fails to go green on the day,BE wrong and mininize the losses , thats the way to stay in this game , i'm gonna be wrong and remember its a Marathon and not a sprint!!!

Chicago777Dec 06, 15 12:47 AM

take away from this lesson. Learning from your losses, understanding losses will happen, we learned in previous lessons recorded at a Vegas conference Superman put it in a good way "in this business losses are your business expenses and it is your job to keep them small". Just how we also learned from Lx21 Greg that to take our trading to a whole different level, we must see it as a Business, the difference between a professional who sees it as a business and an amateur who sees it as a hobby

Chicago777Dec 06, 15 12:48 AM

-continued- once we have understood this then we can be open minded and really learn from our mistakes what we should have done what we will do different, we All make mistakes but the difference is what do you do about them, do you let them bring you down or do you study them and learn from them allowing you to rise above from the ashes, what you choose to do will dictate the path you will take towards the future. The choice is yours. Very educational (sun)

mbsdadOct 04, 16 6:39 PM

watched and learning!

TimeFliesBuyJul 09, 17 2:04 AM

Glad to say I'm still in this marathon, Watched every video lesson up to this one and still going strong 100+ VL's a week trying to be done before my Silver subscription expires. Was doing well short selling then had a big loss, so I went back to going long in this bull market and now I'm doing much better going long after developing a dip buy method that works for me.

TimeFliesBuyJul 09, 17 2:05 AM

I've more than tripled my account in the first 7 months of 2017 so all I can say is study yur ass off, and show appreciation to Tim & any who assist along the way. WATCH ALL OF THESE LESSONS!!

STickerJul 26, 17 6:34 AM

shorting bounce when it fails to go green again, is more TG than a TS move :p

RockRobsterSep 28, 17 8:04 PM

Learn from ALL of your trades!

ZachRJan 05, 18 1:22 AM

Being a Good trader is more about taking Good losses and being able manage risk. and thanks Tim for teaching us to be self sufficient.

ZachRJan 30, 18 3:50 PM

Thanks Tim

AEXONEJan 07, 1:52 AM

Thank you

TonyG1Apr 29, 4:48 PM

Thanks Tim!

axlkMay 12, 7:49 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Aug 18, 12:24 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

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