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Latinatrader Aug 06, 17 11:19 PM

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and you always make me laugh lol

ZachR Aug 07, 17 9:06 AM

I need to watch all you videos Tim you give grate in site Thanks again..

dmatin Dec 28, 17 4:02 PM

That LL example was perfect. Helped me understand the pattern a lot better thanks Bohen!

ZiggysMom Jul 23, 18 11:29 AM

Noting understand what the stocks are doing as a whole. (If one and dones are popular, don't look to hold). Always have a trading plan. A- Early rip B- Pullback C- Sideways action D- Perk to the HOD. Good companies don't do reverse splits. Do your due diligence. Have a plan, don't just buy, don't just short. Don't trade if there isn't any good setups.

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