I'm at a sleep study from 6/14 to 6/25 here in Ohio earning some extra money for my upcoming big move to Texas mid July. Wifi is steady so far, but we will have procedures everyday so I will be looking to make small safe trades & studying even more in between all of this instead of taking anytime off.

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1alan316 Jun 14, 8:05 PM

well good luck. have a safe trip. and hope all goes well in the study and your trades. be well!

1tomfinn92 Jun 15, 3:19 AM

Good luck on the sleep study and move to Texas. All your studying has already paid off just looking at your profit chart, so keep it up!

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@tomfinn92 : Hi Tom, I am just starting with trading. right now I am using robinhood and I have found out that I cant buy and sell fast as they have limits. I have read your post about VRAY, very impressive. I am wondering what broker do you use. another question is reading here my watch list is growing but I am missing out in spotting the break out. If you can help me out with some tips it would be great. thanks and wish you success in trading

1tomfinn92 Apr 01, 4:01 AM

@alixc83 I use Interactive Brokers and E Trade. Been using IB more lately because commissions are lower and I can keep a stop limit for overnight trades as protection, which I can't do on E Trade.

tomfinn92 Apr 01, 4:04 AM

Also, I'm usually unable to trade at the market open, so I've been looking for swing trade opportunities or afternoon trade setups. What has been working for me lately is looking at stocks near day highs and also near 52 wk highs to buy after 2 or 2:30 PM for strong moves into the close, and some I'll hold overnight. I'm still learning, too, but hope that helps!

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keelos Mar 20, 2:59 PM

You swinging $KEM as it broke through resistance?

Turbobob Mar 20, 6:58 PM

I would have a stop loss below $4.50. But chart looks fine.

wellwater1 Mar 20, 6:59 PM

I bought FATE at 5.04 today and I'm holding it overnight. It looks to me like it's gonna crack tomorrow. Do you think the same or do you think it still has potential? Thanks.

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SebiSauce Mar 08, 7:13 PM

Great vid Bob -- are you looking at level 2/charts/time & sales on STT when you make your trade or the other trading platform? Thank you

Turbobob Mar 08, 7:25 PM

I use STT to find the trades for me, but then I switch to my trading platform (DAS Pro) to execute the trade and then watch the level 2. If it is a longer term trade (more than 37 seconds) then I go back to STT to watch the chart with EMAs and level 2.

ksmedic Mar 08, 9:08 PM

Great video - Can you give any advice on locating good stocks to trade to someone that right now can't afford a high monthly subscription to a service such as STT?

Turbobob Mar 08, 9:57 PM is very good. Even Yahoo finance. I also use the scanners that come with my trading platform at Sure Trader and Interactive Brokers

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viticoinf87 Mar 30, 1:12 AM

Congrats Steven, I am a big fan of you, you definitely rock bro, 1 year and almost in the million, wow! What a strategy bro, wish you good luck for this year man, I wish I had the money to start the millionary challenge, but so far I have to stick to build up my profit and STAY SILVER!

1Bpro Apr 16, 9:38 AM

wow he hard understood english dats crazy awesomeness dude,I've watched that interview three tymz over ...#HardWorkPaysOff

3AnneMarita May 20, 11:36 AM

I absolutely love this story! I reminds me again how often worrying about too much can really hold us back. Dux here jumped in with every cell in his body. When I moved to U.S 25 yrs ago and started my first business, it probably became such a big success because I never thought for a second what could go wrong. You jump in with the excitement of your "youth". The moment you start worrying and doubting, things won't be the same. We all have to go back to that "innocent" excitement!

JeffreyPBorja Jun 02, 10:47 AM

Right on, Dux! Just now seeing this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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@bank_a_tronic liking that profit graph there killuh...

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1tomfinn92 Mar 11, 3:27 AM

Sara, thanks for the karma on the MOMO trade. WOW, your profit graph is near vertical since December! VERY nice! What's been the biggest help to you for the great gains? Congrats!

bank_a_tronic Mar 13, 6:48 PM

Thanks Tom :) Focusing on the catalyst, dip buy & b/o patterns

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1FirstRedDay Feb 08, 6:14 PM

Truly sorry to hear that about your Dad, God bless and thanks for all you do!

2tzLa Feb 09, 2:48 PM

Take it easy buddy, take as much time as you need. We appreciate you.

1tomfinn92 Feb 11, 8:23 AM

Sorry about the loss of your dad, Arick. You are a great trader, and an even better genuine human being sharing all that you do. Keep your head up and thanks a million for all the help you've given to me and so many others with your videos and being real.

TimeFliesBuy Apr 14, 11:38 PM

Take care of you and yours, and when the time is right you'll find yourself back here doing what you enjoy doing.

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