[TimAlerts] $RPRX in @ $1.73 long o/n on small position. Tried getting out right before close yesterday but didn't get executed.... could be a good thing!


[TimAlerts] long 200 shares HTBX @ $1.55 trying to break my losing streak. Take profits after this next halt is over? PM please

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MarketMan360 Mar 03, 16 9:36 AM

Nice call... looking forward to viewing your trade as this spiked nicely today!

OptimusPrime Mar 03, 16 5:48 PM

@osirustwits Great Call! I so should have jumped on this after I read your article... smh... What do you think tomorrow holds for $RJET?

osirustwits Mar 04, 16 6:35 AM

Sold too soon & didn't have enough shares to piece out but I had to work & I don't really value invest. I was looking to reshort but after looking into the company I saw better value in a 6 week swing. I took small size based on my DD of the company at the time. Risk level isn't the same now as it was under 70 cents was obvious with cash on hand & assets it was @ least $1.05 given a major discount for bankruptcy here you have to worry about 2 gaps up & getting in later behind that

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