@Chongette32 Hey! I've been looking at your trades and posts lately and I wanted to know if you use a scanner to find stocks and if you do then which one? Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Pandabear Sep 14, 16 7:28 AM

Hi. I use the chatroom, Yahoo Finance % gainers and a customized Think or Swim scan.

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new blog post up on

Scorpios Aug 25, 16 9:27 AM

Congratulations! That`s why you sent it before market open?! :o) Take care

AirplaneJane Aug 25, 16 11:14 AM

Sometimes it is easier to send while my head is clear and I had 15 min of free time

alanger Aug 26, 16 3:48 AM

Congratulations! Wonderful news! :-)

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Jules Aug 09, 16 6:29 PM

@J_Chengstar Thats the 10 EMA. Video on that too

Cha_Ching Aug 10, 16 11:39 AM

do you have both VWAP and 10 EMA on all the time when reviewing the charts?

alanger Aug 25, 16 4:34 AM

So helpful to watch your video Jules! I've been trying to get my head around all this since April and kind of struggling. But I feel that your posts are so helpful. Keep them coming. Thank You!

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Aromo Feb 18, 16 1:08 PM

this is so cool!

Palmer Feb 18, 16 1:35 PM

I got more!...but need a breather...stay tuned... ;)

alanger Aug 18, 16 4:38 AM

Thanks for all this information. Finally feels like I have a little bit direction. :-))

Sergious Dec 05, 16 5:13 AM

Wont these scanners pick up on stocks too late? Lets say a stocks volume yesterday was 2 million, by the time this scanner picks it up, the volume has to be over 2 million. In 2 million of volume, a lot of stuff can happen especially all the big spikes right at open. This may work for end of day only, right?

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DasBrain Feb 05, 16 1:35 PM

Nice to see, your trades are working out well, keep it up...thumbs up

kmartindra Feb 05, 16 6:04 PM

Man, seen you killing it all day. Congrats!

alanger Apr 28, 16 4:41 AM

Hi Jane! It's great to read through your journey.I'm a stay at mom like you and just started learning this month..Long way to go!

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