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LeeWOTW Jul 10, 1:25 PM

I love these videos ! This is the reality of the process ! I love this kind of video just as much as seeing big gains/losses. Thanks for everything Tim :)

thePposse Jul 13, 2:43 PM

Please keep them coming!!! Every video lesson I learn a new kernel of knowledge and have the previous ones reinforced. I worked in a hospital where every year we had go through these competencies that all of us grumbled about, but I realized every year I got reminded of things I had forgotten. These videos are building blocks of repetitiveness that will become a mantra in our brain! Every time I enter a stock “cut losses quickly” goes through my mind. You are succeeding!!! I am getting it!!!!

jmorel Jul 15, 4:00 PM

Please don’t change anything 👍

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($140) loss CRON Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former weed runner on little morning spike could be multi-month breakout if it keeps running into the 8s, that's my goal 25-50 cents/share of upside

Exit comments: It hit the key 8.10 breakout level, but couldn't hold it, now fading so I cut losses quickly, always worth a shot on Friday mornings, but small loss, GEVO was the morning spiker today but it moved too fast for me to chase

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kinderstocks Jun 18, 11:07 AM

I would rather protect myself on one trade then trade for a week. Rule #1 Thanks Tim!!

mynbtsa Jun 18, 11:24 PM

Thanks Tim, enjoyed the checklist , I am on round 2 of watching it. I like the length of each of the steps in it

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$CRON still at 7.10, I didn't have to sell at all but taking my 5% gain single over the weekend is all I wanted from this so I take my single and go

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SBeckey Jul 05, 2:54 PM

I like this vido, i also like how you showed all the hours of commitment

Androo Jul 06, 2:00 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

FancyNancy Jul 06, 10:13 PM

Thanks Tim! I know I need to study more and that is why I have failed. But Im not giving up, thanks to your Constant encouragement and videos!

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$700 profit CRON Long Stock

Entry comments: Former Supernova with a habit to be a multi-day runner is closing strong on strong volume, multi-week breakout, goal is to sell int he low to mid 7s next week, this is my weekend play

Exit comments: I took solid profits into this premarket spike that hit my goals PERFECTLY over the weekend...maybe it spikes more, but there seems to be a wall at 7.20 all premarket long and it seems to be fading a bit so I'm locking this in safely

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roldystar Jun 04, 9:05 AM

Every time I receive your alerts it’s already too late. By the time I receive them the stock is already up a lot from your entry point and you are already selling them at that time. I don’t if anyone else have that problem but there gotta be a better way

sboruff Jun 04, 9:26 AM

Perfect weekend play tim nice job...

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kfs123 Jun 04, 7:39 PM

Disappointment is okay

mbsdad Jun 04, 9:22 PM

watched and learning.

Persia Jun 12, 12:05 AM

Disappointments happen and it’s not the end of the world. Learning from it will help expand your knowledge and make for great rewards in the future

Peteball0101 Jun 18, 11:28 PM

2 accounts monetary and knowledge....that's brilliant stuff that will always help me

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