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Jamey Mar 28, 7:44 PM

Love it, be cool to each other. Try to get better, smarter, stronger, faster every fuckin' day! Great webinar Tim!

MThoms Apr 18, 11:15 AM

Noting that you can wait for the big news when it comes to sectors, have a plan, keep moving through the stocks with no play to find the one with a good recipe

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rob_m May 04, 17 10:21 PM

Thank you Tim Bohen! I'm Picking up more great lessons/strategy from your videos.

olsko Jun 21, 17 6:14 PM

BOHEN is his own man; makes his own ideas; makes his own plans; Be like BOHEN; Be Cool; Thanks again aka Mr. Reliable; Great notes taken; repetitive strategy but great shadow on your ideas and honest commentary; Appreciate your sacrifice on AKBA for the webby;

dmatin Jan 28, 9:47 PM

Goddamn Tim you make me laugh. Legit thought you shot yourself at 1:00:25 because of AKBA.

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[TimAlerts] I favorited/retweeted're back on the hook for the video lol - and btw ppl - $TWTR is crucial if you're in the stock game imo.... if you guys don't have it, get it! you should make every resource available to you in regards to news/learning imo ...then once you have it, go favorite/retweet this legends video post!

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