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ZiggysMom Aug 06, 18 3:54 PM

Noting to trade the tickers. There's no one size fits all. Earnings winner may take time, but if a stock has news and doesn't spike, get out, wait for the news to spread if its going to do anything. Patience & learning, patiences & waiting for the right plays, be meticulous.

ZachR Aug 06, 18 5:53 PM

Thanks Tim

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Matthew46 Apr 21, 21 8:27 AM

Thank you Tim!!! Great loss to learn from keeping it small!!! Rule#1!!!

oswald Jul 11, 2:33 AM

You can go small and see how it feels, cut loses quickly, respect the power of penny stocks, Don't risk blowing up! Fridays can lead to short squeezes, Mondays can lead to big gap ups! Thanks Tim

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Notes on Friday - July 27 action. I asked the question, what wins on this scenario... 4th green day of a stock (over extension) or the Friday price action morning spike. $AWX was the one to watch. Up with no news and 4th green day going into a failed $FB 2nd day and $TWTR bad earnings morning. Open at 6.13 dropped early on a brief panic, slight bounce before drop to 5.90 then up, then broke 5.69 support briefly at 9:50. Bottom at 5.60 before taking off for the moon. NHOD in the mid 6 then 7s and tests of 8. I don't have all action captured here, but clearly in this case, Friday morning wins out. Any other day and this would have cracked earlier, I am thinking. Good lesson to look back on.

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-$83 loss AWX Short Stock

Entry comments: Interactive Brokers found me a lousy 30 shares to short of AWX, not even worth alerting except it's educational as this stock is loooooong over-extended due to early shorts, so hopefully I can find more shares to short and build my position since this should drop 50-75 cents/share today or Monday

Exit comments: Not breaking down so I'm not going to risk it, this can still squeeze more so I'll take my small loss of less than $100...that's the beauty of ultra-small positions, I'll look to re-short later today and ideally at higher prices!

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SamH90 Apr 18, 19 8:58 PM

I just started the challenge this week but I was looking back through old trades. This was the first stock I ever bought, wayyy before i knew anything. Bought at 4 and sold at 7 and had no clue what was happening there. I assume it was a short squeeze? Interesting to see! Thanks for everything you do Tim, I am compulsively watching videos and looking through old trades, can't get enough!!

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