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StockPimpin101 Aug 06, 18 8:27 AM

I have been hurting as of late do to my neck surgery so I have missed the last month or so. Playing catch up now trying to get back on pace. Changing my profile pic to my xray haha!

ZiggysMom Aug 06, 18 3:54 PM

Noting to trade the tickers. There's no one size fits all. Earnings winner may take time, but if a stock has news and doesn't spike, get out, wait for the news to spread if its going to do anything. Patience & learning, patiences & waiting for the right plays, be meticulous.

ZachR Aug 06, 18 5:53 PM

Thanks Tim

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KStanger Apr 20, 2:17 PM

Control your losses! Lose small!

Mjason May 06, 10:38 PM

Cut Losses Quickly! make gains much bigger than the losses.

piscott0306 Aug 15, 3:46 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

JonathanIParra Aug 16, 6:13 PM

if you can't cut losses quickly you will never make it as a trader. you wanna be safe in any trade and trade the best setups

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Notes on Friday - July 27 action. I asked the question, what wins on this scenario... 4th green day of a stock (over extension) or the Friday price action morning spike. $AWX was the one to watch. Up with no news and 4th green day going into a failed $FB 2nd day and $TWTR bad earnings morning. Open at 6.13 dropped early on a brief panic, slight bounce before drop to 5.90 then up, then broke 5.69 support briefly at 9:50. Bottom at 5.60 before taking off for the moon. NHOD in the mid 6 then 7s and tests of 8. I don't have all action captured here, but clearly in this case, Friday morning wins out. Any other day and this would have cracked earlier, I am thinking. Good lesson to look back on.

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