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zaraza Aug 05, 10:09 PM

Thank You Tim for everything you do. Adapt...adapt..adapt

StockPimpin101 Aug 06, 8:27 AM

I have been hurting as of late do to my neck surgery so I have missed the last month or so. Playing catch up now trying to get back on pace. Changing my profile pic to my xray haha!

ZiggysMom Aug 06, 3:54 PM

Noting to trade the tickers. There's no one size fits all. Earnings winner may take time, but if a stock has news and doesn't spike, get out, wait for the news to spread if its going to do anything. Patience & learning, patiences & waiting for the right plays, be meticulous.

ZachR Aug 06, 5:53 PM

Thanks Tim

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KeepStudying101 Aug 06, 8:44 PM

during the actual market, i longed it and it started tanking! got halted too many times and i got stuck in the halt like 3 times. i didn't want to sell my position because i want to make a profit and ended up sell for a lost @ 500 dollars, with possible 100 shares. #1 rule cut losses quickly. I've also learnt that i shouldn't trade stocks that have run up so high. mainly when i don't know where its going.

diane47 Aug 08, 4:10 PM

You may be my best teacher ever! Thank you! SO appreciate your honesty and transparency.

TinaZ Aug 14, 9:19 PM

thank you for teaching how to loose and how to take profits. Love your transparency!

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