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jacksondowney5 Feb 08, 6:23 PM

this is great. I lol'd many times. and I love how real Tim is. Thank you!!

LeeHunt Feb 12, 3:33 PM

Thanks Tim!Great webinar!

RobertRiggs Feb 13, 3:38 AM

Study up, study up, study up, study up. Definitely watch all of the DVDs prior to asking a lot of questions. There are numerous questions that can be answered by watch. We are all eager to profit so this should make you eager to watch the material presented to you. Thanks for the webinar Tim.

Benjamin6 Apr 17, 10:58 PM

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Opened a $FB position and closed half of the $CMG position. Avging the cost down ended up being the right move. No more positions for today. Last day in chicago at the new store. Need to get it ready for the opening.

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