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Danielwin Jan 25, 6:57 AM

Tim, do you listen to any music whilst trading? Have you read Trading Coaching Psychologist 101? Also, on a not so serious level now, can you refer to steak rather than girly sushi? I know your a big fan of the uncooked fish, but would really appriciate it if you could maybe throw a rump in there at some point. Good Man

LizLele Jan 26, 7:56 PM

"I don't short earnings winners, I don't short earnings winners, I don't short earnings winners..." Got it! Thanks Tim!

zaraza Jan 28, 9:32 PM

Thanks Tim.. Be safe.. I don't short earnings winners either....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!.. My head hurts. Don't trade random shit cause I AM A GAMBLING JUNKIE.

mynbtsa Feb 05, 7:32 PM

Thanks Tim , I don't short e/w

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