jspinoza3 Feb 13, 2:03 PM

Quick bounce on that one, and nothing but new lows after that so good thing you got out. I've heard of success in overnight holds but I don't know how. I guess getting in on a solid news story before most people catch on would work. Or maybe after first day of a sector mania when some gains have already manifested?

haafamillion Feb 13, 3:30 PM

Yeah. Looking at it now, down nearly 50% Wow. Did you short?

jspinoza3 Feb 16, 9:51 AM

I did not. Although I do see that the 13th of February was the first red day after 3 greens and it was a huge panic, which sounds like a good short candidate, however I still don't understand the timing of when the short order goes in. TOS has not been very helpful for shorting anyway, so I am just on a cash account until I break PDT

haafamillion Feb 16, 12:00 PM

@jspinoza3 Margins and Leverage trading are dangerous AF, especially without PDT rules. Here's how I think the timing on shorts work - keep in mind I'm an amateur and I haven't practiced shorting at all. When the set up is right, the price will climb to its peak (usually a resistance level). You know it's not about to breakout when the chart goes sideways and the volume dries up. If too many people short it'll breakout into a short squeeze. So be careful.

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