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AngelTrades Mar 07, 17 12:31 AM

@Thebadguy thank you man! I really appreciat that! I really hope you enjoyed it! :) It took a lot of work editing and making the outro/intro and logos :)

Rockhound727 Mar 07, 17 6:54 AM

Good work man that's not bad at all! I enjoyed the video

AngelTrades Mar 07, 17 3:38 PM

@Rockhound727 I really really really appreciate that man. Im new to making videos about the stock market. I want to record vlogs all along the way up to my success and if it can help anyone, even just a little, that would be a blessing:) Thank you again boss!

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Jonk87 Feb 24, 17 12:46 AM

@Thebadguy I actually haven't seen Wold Millionaire program but I want to - I work in advertising full-time so I wanted to try and apply what I do for brands on my self to see if it works, and it does :-) Mostly though, just being yourself and hones are they key things.

Thebadguy Feb 24, 17 11:37 AM

You've got a good thing going!

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