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togmaster Mar 03, 16 7:05 PM

I know right. I really need to when this happens, but I missed that big ride up and the crash since I was working.

COMBATVET Mar 03, 16 7:38 PM

Great Job trading. After losing about $10,000 last few months I decided to take two months off and start paper trading. I had VPCO on my watchlist because of you and made a nice small percentage gain. Thanks for your watchlist a they are very helpful.

HebrewHammer Mar 03, 16 7:43 PM

@COMBATVET DUDE! thank you for the love and thank you for serving our country. I wouldn't even be able to put these out if it weren't for guys like you so thank you! I'll keep em coming and feel free to ask questions anytime! I'm happy to help

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Alesitus Mar 01, 16 11:51 AM

Great analysis. Whats the grade mean ?

zaouad Mar 01, 16 12:06 PM

It's a score for the setup. The higher the grade, the more I'm likely to trade it. 2 means I'll only watch Coz I'm not confident, 4 means this is a great setup and I'll watch actively to get into a position when it happens

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