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Madbash Dec 05, 16 10:12 AM

Careful. A contract winner could easily spawn more news and squeeze you good.

Fox_Trader Dec 05, 16 11:06 AM

Contract Winner on that one.

AngelTrades Dec 05, 16 3:59 PM

Please don't short contract winners. It is against Tim's Rules

longstoryshort Dec 05, 16 5:56 PM

This is going to be the best short opportunity tomorrow I agree. This "contract" is a pump job to sell people more paper after recent offering and dilution

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Jack70 Nov 15, 16 5:00 PM

Don't be afraid to ask question BUT don't take answers to serious unless they r from Sykes or Goode. First order of business you must sign up for challenge, if you don't u won't succeed. Yes 7k is alot but if tour serious its a great decision

longstoryshort Nov 15, 16 5:08 PM

Jack70 is wrong you don't need to join the challenge in order to succeed. You just need to really focus on learning patterns and make sure you journal your trades so that you can get hard statistics to help you find your edge/what you are good or bad at.

jerseydoe Nov 15, 16 5:10 PM

thanks everyone and how do I log my trades?

longstoryshort Nov 15, 16 5:13 PM

Suretrader is an offshore broker and I use them, I like them a lot. they can be pricey and it is a little sketchy. You have to weigh the pros/cons for yourself and make sure you understand the legal aspects. Ameritrade is expensive and the PDT is tough to overcome. It is difficult being under the PDT but the most important thing is to learn what works and what doesn't. Set your risk and stick to it. Small risk for big reward. Odds are you won't win often but just keep losses small and learn

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[TimAlerts] and youre telling people $OCN was a dip buy when it was in an obvious downtrend and under VWAP. SUprised 16 years of experience got you that far

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