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JL65 Jul 26, 17 11:23 AM

8 things I wish I knew from the start! @ #6 along with comes and goes. But your an awsom motivator! Ty!

TrellTinsley Jul 26, 17 2:31 PM

any particular reason why SVU wasn't on your watchlist? wouldn't that be considered an earnings winner yesterday? I meant to ask this when you first posted it, but forgot haha.

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$ETRM is up almost 30% near the market close today, up about a 1.50 from its open price. Don't want to chase this stock since it is up a lot and could top anywhere. It is a multi-week breakout and is up on no news. Earnings are tomorrow and we'll see where the price action goes.

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JonathanIParra Sep 01, 19 5:11 AM

great short mark ! when price cracks and supports fades into the morning panic classic short. and thanks for explaining dilution and the effect it can have on these penny stocks

dumbtrades Oct 06, 1:25 AM

understanding that there is dilution and how it affects a stock is extremely important and how it can really affect a stock

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