@timothysykes , I am going to Wisconsin this week to see WKHS helicopter-drone and see whats its all about , hopefully it'll spike the stock !!! Workhorse Group Inc. (NASDAQ: WKHS) They will display the SureFly? helicopter concept for the first time in the U.S. at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 (BOOTH #IC-9 in the EAA Innovation Center). The booth will also display the Workhorse HorseFly package delivery drone.

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JL65 Jul 24, 17 12:00 AM

Put a word in for a "Sure Cut" Lawn mower!

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TradeRush Jul 13, 17 10:36 AM

So, yes the entry price gets adjusted but so does the number of shares you own

JL65 Jul 13, 17 10:40 AM

Gonna have to research that. Have a profit fo 1.80 then or your buy was just inflated.

TradeRush Jul 13, 17 10:45 AM

My explanation was probably not clear enough then lol. No, you would not profit or lose. Things will remain the same. If you buy 1000 shares at $0.2 (then you own $200 worth of stock). After the 1:10 reverse split, the price of the stock will go up to $2. However, the number of shares you own will automatically be reduced to 100. So now you have 100 shares at $2 (which is also worth $200)

JL65 Jul 13, 17 10:55 AM

After your explanation I Figured that is the way it worked, Just making sure! Thanks for you input!

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mstr2157 Jul 05, 17 8:24 PM

so with a cash account you can make as many day trades as you want?

wannabestocktrader Jul 05, 17 8:28 PM

@mstr2157 Correct, there is no "day-trading" limitations with cash accounts - you are limited by how much settled funds you have.

JL65 Jul 05, 17 10:16 PM

@wannabestocktrader Thank's Yes I am in a cash account, and yes I did receive a good-faith violation. Talked with e-trade and they said that you can received 3 in a calendar year before any restrictions are put upon you. The part that confused me was "Unsettled Cash Available for Investment" which was somewhere in the amount of 1500.00+ And the Cash Purchasing Power in the same amount.

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russbakr Jun 28, 17 9:29 PM

You know what you did wrong. That's the important thing. Well that and the hope you don't repeat the same mistake.

MikeMcD Jun 28, 17 11:18 PM

I did the same thing with $AVEO. I just started trading too & entered at 1.79.. went up to 2.05 & I kept thinking (hoping/wishing) it'll go higher, 4 minutes later I'm seeling at 1.90. Every mistake realized makes you that much better the next time though. Good luck!

JL65 Jun 29, 17 9:03 AM

Learning alot from real trading. So far small Profits and small losses. The learning is pricless.

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wannabestocktrader Jun 29, 17 4:52 AM

Then, as I learn from content on this site, I realized the real truth: they aren't. They are just trying to get attention and sell whatever nonsense they can to the uneducated. That's why profit.ly is so amazing, there's a lot of useful, legit content, and people who are truly trying to help us become better traders if w'ere willing to study, listen, and tune out all the other nonsense.

huperauxano Jul 03, 17 6:43 PM

I looked up AVEO on Finviz and it has 106.4M Shares Outstanding and 106.4M Shares Float listed. Doesn't seem to be low float? What number of shares defines low float? Still learning so trying to define what the 'low-float loud-mouth fanboy' described here means in numeric terms. Thanks!

HeathenSaint Jul 04, 17 8:59 AM

PS. Safety eyewear when using a chainsaw

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MishaMendicino Sep 01, 17 8:22 PM

lol, yep I get that too from my family.. mostly the kiddos

ZachR Nov 29, 17 12:23 PM

Just keep what's important, Important!

AlaskaGrizzly May 01, 18 11:35 PM

Good example to us all Roland! Thank you!

Willbee_Rich May 21, 18 8:39 PM

Hard work and sacrifice always pays off, but always remember YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR ONLY TRUE WEALTH...Thanks for inspiring us!!!

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